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George Mikes has written many successful books on a variety of interesting subjects, but one so successful as those on the subject most central to his own experience his adopted country The first of these came out in 1946 the ever famous How to be an Alien Later he enlarges the picture with How to be inimitable and How to be Decadent All three books were illustrated by the master of the cartoonists art, the late Nicolas Bentley Here they are, all in one volume, which will make life much easier for today s would be Brits than it was for those who pervaded them It is said that a few of the latter actually failed to become indistinguishable from the genuine British article because they found it too tiresome to seek out three separate books a misfortune that need never again occur to anyone....

Title : How to be a Brit: The Classic Bestselling Guide: How to Be an Alien; How to Be Inimitable; How to Be Decadent
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How to be a Brit: The Classic Bestselling Guide: How to Be an Alien; How to Be Inimitable; How to Be Decadent Reviews

  • Highlander
    2019-07-06 18:56

    So many people have tried to describe both the English mentality as well as an Englishman in general as a person. This book is as near as you can get! Believe me! By today's standards the landscape around our people has much changed, but so many aspects of mindset still ring true, George Mikes really does hit the nail on the head. You must forgive references to the distant past, just enjoy the flow, witty and extremely easy to read.

  • Zoltan Dekany
    2019-07-13 18:41

    Als Geschenk habe ich dieses Buch vor ein paar Tagen gekauft. Grosse Freude habe ich damit gemacht, und das ich die Hauptsache!

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-07-06 17:59

    Vor acht Jahren bin ich zum ersten Mal auf dieses Buch aufmerksam geworden. Ich suchte damals, -da ich begann, ein echter England-Fan zu werden- etwas, das die typischen Eigenheiten, die Traditionen, die Reserviertheit, das Gefühl von Überlegenheit und besonders den Humor der Engländer so treffend wie möglich beschreibt. Ich fand nichts wirklich brauchbares, -nur dieses Buch! Auch bis heute ist es dabei geblieben; -einer Erwähnung wert sind allerdings noch zwei Bücher. Sie führen den Leser in eine ganz andere Welt, da sie in vergangenen Jahrhunderten geschrieben wurden. Beschäftigt man sich intensiv mit ihnen, merkt man, wie aktuell sie noch heute sind! Auch hier kommt echter britischer Humor und Lebensweisheit nicht zu kurz:Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield; 'Letters to his son on the art of becoming a man of the world and a gentleman'William Makepeace, 'The book of snobs'

  • Thomas Kacmarek
    2019-07-07 21:31

    A masterpiece of self-deprecation, funny, witty and at times hilarious. Even though somewhat dated (the first part 'How to be an alien' was published in 1946), the author appears to go straight to the heart of quintessential Britishness.

  • Sabine Böhm
    2019-07-16 00:33

    How to Be a Brit etc. is a very entertaining and funny book. Very well-suited for anyone who needs cheering up a bit.Ella

  • Harykert
    2019-07-02 19:32

    I have not actually read this book but all my foreign friends say it is hilarious. So I suppose from that point of view I can recommend it as a good present for non-Brit friends...