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Eckhart Tolle s writings on the power of living in the moment fast became the most sought after modern classic on spiritual enlightenment Now, in this new life transforming book, we are shown how to become our true selves by embracing silence and stillness When we are no longer limited by our thinking mind, suffering and pain disappears and we are able to move towards a new understanding of our relationships, of nature, and of the profound wisdom that is to be found in stillness....

Title : Stillness Speaks: Whispers of Now (The Power of Now, Band 3)
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ISBN : 9780340829745
ISBN13 : 978-0340829745
Format Type : Hardback
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Yellow Kite 1 September 2003
Number of Pages : 144 Seiten
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Stillness Speaks: Whispers of Now (The Power of Now, Band 3) Reviews

    2019-07-20 02:04

    Whilst I think that A New Earth is the best book to read if you only read one of Tolle's books, Stillness Speaks is a great addition for assisting the process of setting yourself free. It is not just excerpts taken from A New Earth but explains things with additional examples and information.Tolle has managed to teach me what I failed to see whilst reading other books on the same subject due to his straightforward and clear style. I can not thank him enough for that.If you need this you will love it. If you don't need it, then you are either very happy, or not ready to be happy.

  • Astrid
    2019-07-21 18:15

    It's a nice little refresher/workbook if you enjoyed 'The Power of now'. Not quite as powerfully engaging, though. Still, I downloaded the ebook on my phone and due to its structure (short, independent paragraphes/sentences) it keeps me in touch with the whole toppic rather nicely.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-07-28 23:00

    I assume anyone buying this book is looking for inner peace and calm. You won't be disappointed. There is no great story or new teachings for anyone used to meditating, only a simple set of reminders and pointers to aid you on your journey. It feels as if many little seeds are being planted in your mind as you make your way slowly through the pages.

  • Nimai
    2019-07-20 02:20

    Lediglich 4 Sterne, da ich das Cover nicht schön finde. Ein bisschen Sprühfarbe hat geholfen.

  • Johannes Ehrhardt
    2019-07-28 22:04

    ... this is pure wisdom. Ever little paragraph gives a gem that helps you to unfold your own inner worldand to connect to your deeper consciousnessJohannes Ehrhardt

  • Michael Johnson
    2019-07-20 22:56

    This man is a genius. If at times we forget the big message of his earlier books (or our own spiritual discoveries), these brief paragraphs encapsulate it brilliantly.

  • N. Betancourt
    2019-07-28 02:16

    If you are so reading this comment is a sign that you just have to get this book right away. Do not hesitate. You will see how much good it brings in to your life, daily activities and relationships with people!

  • Oneness
    2019-07-28 21:11

    This book is a watered down version of his first book. It highlights all of the main points of Eckhart Tolles teaching into one handy little book which you can dip into at any point and recieve inspiration for the day ahead. Really this book covers all of Tolles teachings to date without all of the side talk which mainly leaves you more confused. Another clear book on this subject is  - the two of these books go well together for bringing the whole philosophy back to basics.