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ALOHA MURDERAccidents are plaguing a documentary film crew on breathtakingly beautiful Kauai Can San Francisco P.I Sharon McCone ferret out possible sabotage behind the scenes The job sounds like a breeze McCone envisions romantic, tropical nights with her lover, Hy Ripinsky Instead, she finds a troubled paradise with rising tensions between native and non native Hawaiians, a film going south fast, and a macabre ritual death Then a mysterious local pilot rattles her commitment to Hy, and soon McCone is in danger herselfcaught in the place Hawaiians call ahi wela maka u , the place between fire love and fire terror, the place where even a seasoned private eye can get burned....

Title : A Walk Through the Fire
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ISBN : 0446608165
ISBN13 : 978-0446608169
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Grand Central Publishing Auflage Reprint 1 Juli 2000
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A Walk Through the Fire Reviews

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    2019-06-19 22:19

    San Francisco-based filmmaker Glenna Stanleigh is in Kauai shooting a documentary involving island legends and myths in accordance with the works of Elson Wellbright. Elson's son Peter is Glenna's partner on the film. However, accidents have plagued the set.Glenna asks private investigator Sharon McCone to fly in from California to investigate the strange happenings. Though she is not licensed to practice in Hawaii, Sharon sees the trip as a combination vacation-business outing and accepts. Her lover Hy Ripinsky accompanies her, which allows Sharon to use his company's security assets already located on the islands. Even as she falls in love with Kauai, Sharon begins her inquiries, not yet realizing the danger she now must face.The Sharon McCone mysteries have been a fan favorite for many years. Her twentieth tale, A WALK THROUGH THE FIRE, is a very fresh who-done-it that invigorates Sharon and her audience. The change of location provides Marcia Muller the opportunity to sprinkle her novel with Island magic as well as native resentment to the influx of outsiders. Ms. Muller is at the of her top game, which is somewhere in the stratosphere, with this marvelous mystery.Harriet Klausner

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    2019-06-26 17:33

    What on earth happened here?! One of my favorite writers, Marcia Muller, has converted one of my favorite characters, Sharon McCone, into some sort of lame-brained "damsel" victimized by her lusting hormones, conniving acquaintances, and short-circuited brain cells. I grew up reading way too much of this genre -- the "Gothic romance mystery" of the '60s & '70s was vacuous and insulting to the reader's intelligence then and this book proves it still is! Most readers will have figured out more than half the "mystery" before they've read half the book; but reading isn't really necessary or desirable. This book is perfect for the Summer Beach Reading category, the type you can just skim and not miss a thing in doing so.Please, Marcia, promise us this McCone entry was just a brief summertime aberration and that you'll be bringing back the intelligent, independent and forthright Sharon we all know in your next book. I promise not to give up on you just because of this one disappointment!

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    2019-06-26 16:08

    WHILE OTHER PEOPLE SLEEP is a tough act to follow. Marcia Muller has pulled it off by providing new dimensions to plot development, giving us a new landscape to enjoy, and new dimensions to McCone's relationship with Hy Ripinsky. A WALK THROUGH THE FIRE looks at the kind of torture that families can go through when they steer away from the straight and narrow. I especially liked the clever use of the INIKI hurricane to develop the plot. Everything is almost what it seems, which makes for fun as the plot develops. Although I am a lawyer, I did not worry too much about the legal angles. Marcia Muller finesses those a bit too much, but it's all in fun so who cares? Some of the moments in this book come out of the noire genre of Raymond Chandler at his best in Southern California. Pulling that off in Hawaii was a neat trick, and one that most will enjoy. If you have liked the other McCone books, you should get this one immediately. It'll keep you up late, like it did me last night.

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    2019-06-22 18:24

    Being married to an estate planning attorney I was unhappily aware that all aspects of the plot that were tied to wills were nonsensical. It's not unreasonable to simplify a complex subject, but there should be some connection with reality.When Patricia Cornwell had Kay Scarpetta fly on the Concorde, I thought, ah Patricia wants to fly on the Concorde and write it off. I had similar thoughts about this novel - Marcia wants a write-off on a trip to Kauai.However, she does provide a pretty good sense of place. Her characters are rather thin, though; I missed the usual San Francisco crowd. As often happens in this type of novel, the end seems rushed.I've given up on Kay, but I'll stick with Sharon.

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    2019-07-04 19:37

    I wait and I wait and then it arrives. Usually I plunge right in and read a new Muller the day I get it. I tried, but this one is a disappoinment. I did get it done quickly, but it was more of a challenge than usual. I have many friends who wait for my books and I owe it to them to get them done in a timely fashion. Perhpas I am prejudiced. I find that many of the authors whom I enjoy are a disappoint when they go outside their general geographic area. This has happened time and time again. Please return to California and leave Hawaii to other authors.Again, read this because it continues the story line and is enjoyable, but not up to the usual standards.

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    2019-07-04 14:24

    I'm a fan of Marcia Muller going back many years, but this installment in the Sharon McCone series was a disappointment. Not that all good authors can't stumble occasionally. A Walk Through the Fire was tepid and just plain boring most of the time. It didn't really even seem that Sharon was the same character we've been following for so long. The demands of turning out a top notch mystery year in year out must surely take a toll on any author. But we are all hoping Muller merely slipped a bit on this one and that the next installment will be back on track.

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    2019-07-06 15:13

    The decision to begin a novel with offensive language on the first page is questionable. I almost did not read past page one! Why risk turning a percentage of readers away with an opening that some readers may not be comfortable with? I continued to read and found the plot fairly tight and the story well-written, and McCone's ever-maturing personality believable. The story is good, but the opening language leaves something to be desired.

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    2019-07-10 21:31

    I had eagerly looked forward to reading the newest Marcia Muller book. i truly felt she had slept-walked thru writing this. Never having been to Kauai ( just Maui, an island i love very much ) i didn't care if i ever went there by the time i finished the book. i don't know how much this will improve the much needed tourist business. to sum up, a thin book with a thin plot that was a great disappointment.