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Having secretly taught herself how to read and write, Clotee, a brave twelve year old Virginia slave, witnesses the horrors of slavery and eventually becomes a conductor on the Underground Railroad....

Title : A Picture of Freedom: The Diary of Clotee, a Slave Girl (Dear America)
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ISBN : 9780590259880
ISBN13 : 978-0590259880
Format Type : Paperback
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Scholastic US Auflage Library Binding 1 M rz 1997
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A Picture of Freedom: The Diary of Clotee, a Slave Girl (Dear America) Reviews

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    2019-04-18 04:01

    The book A Picture of Freedom is about a twelve year old slave girl who lives on the Belmont Plantation in Virgingia. I like the way the book is written. It is not divided into chapters but in days. The twelve year old girl, Clottee, writes in her diary almost everyday and you read what she writes in her diary. This book gave me mixed feelings. It was sad at one time and exciting at another. At one point of the book one of the very nice slaves was brutally beaten by the master of the plantation. Soon after he was beaten he died. This was very hard for the other slaves to deal with. As you can tell that part of the book was very sad. There were so many interesting parts in the book. There were parts when I just could not put the book down! For instance when William, the masters child escaped. A few days later a still energetic, horse came trotting up the drive of the big house (the house where the masters live on the plantation) with William dragging along behind. You will defiantly have to read this book and find out if William lives. I would recommend this book to all teen/middle school aged girls. I think that it is a wonderful book. I think even older women might like this book also. I would also recommend this book to those girls who are not motivated readers. I think the way the book is set up it does not seem like you are reading that much.

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    2019-04-11 01:55

    This book was accually my favorite book I have reaf in my entire life, and it was really touching at someparts, and some parts taught you about how hard it was to be a slave in those times. It had wonderful dialect that shows you that the masters left the slaves ignorant. It teaches you about the Underfround Railroad and abolitionists and things that went on. I never wanted to put the bookm down and I had nothing better to do but read it. If you read this book it would really touch your heart. The boo is about a twelve-year old slave girl named Clotee, and it tells about all the hardships slaves went through. I would really, truly recommend this book to others because it was interesting and everytime I saw the book I was attracted to it like a magnet.

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    2019-04-26 01:04

    Slave girl, Clotee, writes about her hardships, benefits (only a few) & thoughts that come with being a negro slave. She writes her likes & dislikes of her owner. Being the only slave that can read & write is hard for Clotee & she can't tell anyone! But what happens when it slips to not only one person, not two, but THREE people? Lucky one is against slavery. But Clotee still has problems of her own. Her owner is wondering how she got to speak like a white. She suspects Clotee is different & gets a little closer to the truth every time Clotee does anything wrong. Something really little may lead to something really big... & for a slave surprises keep coming. Most aren't pleasant... at all

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    2019-04-20 00:15

    This touching, sad book was so realistic! It showed how horrifying and terrible slavery was. Clotee is a twelve year old girl, the same age as I am, only she is a slave. She has secretly learned to read and write, and she keeps a diary of her experiances. She could get caught and whipped at any moment - just for knowing how to read and write. She helps slaves escape, knowing of the terrible consequences if she is caught. Clotee was a brave and admireable character and this is a wonderful book that I hope everyone takes the time to read, because they can learn a lot from it.

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    2019-04-08 04:56

    This book was the best book I ever read! It was very real! I couldn't stop reading it! I was up till early in the mornimg finishing it! I cried twice, although they were only happy tears! I loved seeing what happened to Rose (Spicey) at the end! I got so into the characters that I didn't want the book to end! I never knew it was like that being a slave in those days! I would recommend this book to anyone! I hope everyone wanting to read a good book will read this one!

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    2019-03-28 03:54

    I thought the book was excellent> it protrayed a young girl growing up on a plantation in the South in the years before the civil war. It was very accurate and was true to the period. I'm 14 and most of these books are for younger children but I was just Drawn into these books and I have begun to collect them. I would deffinately recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction or just a good read.

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    2019-04-11 02:53

    This is the best book in the series!!!! Clotee is 12 years old and growing up a slave. This book, unlike many others, show how cruel slavery was. I admire Clotee's choice at the end of the book; she was offered a chance to escape to the north, but decided to stay at Belmont instead and be a conductor in the underground railroad. The book kept my attencion, and it is my favorite!!!

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    2019-04-17 04:54

    I thought that A PICTURE OF FREEDOM was the best book in the Dear America series. The way that Clotee tried her best to learn to read and write was really neat. Clotee had a really hard life as a slave and the diary was very enjoyable to read because it wasn't too predictable. If you haven't read this book already, I highly recommend it along with the other books in the series.