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Title : Little iMac Book
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ISBN : 0613911652
ISBN13 : 978-0613911658
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Little iMac Book Reviews

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    2019-07-05 14:40

    If you're new to computers, like I am (and a rather large group of my friends), you'll love Robin's Little iMac Book for several reasons. It's small enough to get you started without being intimidating. When you need more information, her Little Mac Book fills in more information than you'll ever need. Her talent for teaching and presenting information in a manner that's enjoyable and understandable actually makes reading a computer book fun and productive. Robin's book tells me what I need to know without making me feel like a "dummy." I'm not interested in being a computer guru--I just want my Mac experience to be fun, educational and rewarding. And that's exactly what this book is.

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    2019-06-23 19:38

    William's "Little iMac Book" is friendly, informative, and well organized. I've been a Mac user since the "Fat Mac." My brother lives across the country and works as a musician: rather inept at anything slightly technical. He badly needed to get on the 'Net, so I gave him an iMac for Christmas. Expecting to hear gales of joy, I was disheartened when he got the thing and couldn't make it go. (No written documentation!) This book is written for him. Quality work, but I found William's insistence on using one space after a sentence very intrusive, and wish she would return to correct writing practice.

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    2019-06-15 16:24

    This book is SO great...although I am thoroughly familiar with IBM PC's, I opted to purchase the iMac in August 1999, and with the help of this little book, it's been wonderful! This took me from opening the box, to installing, to surfing, and even educated me on some basics I "thought" I already knew about computer "stuff". My husband, a novice, has really grasped a lot in a short period of time by reading chapter by chapter (trust me, it's quick and easy reading). A definite recommendation for anybody purchasing the iMac (unless you're an expert already).

  • Samuel C.
    2019-07-14 18:24

    After purchasing 4 other iMac books, I took someone's recommendation to try Williams' approach. It did the trick: it presented computer/iMac literacy in accessible step-by-step tutorials and clearly told me what to do and what not to do. Previously, the combination of my ignorance and impatience resulted in nothing but crashes, hung programs, and Luddite sentiments. This book forces you to slow down and learn. The author's sequence of lessons is logically conceived, and the style is neither forced nor patronizing. For the next stage, I may go back to the Pogue books (Dummies series), as the author covers more ground and in a zestier style. But I wish I had saved myself some time and money and started with Williams.

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    2019-06-25 17:13

    Kudos, again, to Robin Williams! She has taken information that can be intimidating to intelligent computer novices and made it utterly accessible! The tone is warm and humorous. The layout masterfully draws the eye to the material. And the content is substantive. This is not a book for dummies. It's a book for intelligent novices who want to have a little fun along the way. If you want a big clunky four-door touring sedan, buy somebody else's book. If you want a two-seater convertible, get "The Little iMac Book!"

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    2019-07-16 15:15

    I love Macs. This is not the best book for beginners, since it jumps from moving the mouse to icons. Although it is very informative, I found that there is a lot more to the iMac then what she wrote. The computer has so many possibilities and the book is so small, page-wise. Also, the pictures and text are small and hard to read. Get this if you want, but the better, more fun and informative book is definitely The iMac for Dummies by David Pogue.

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    2019-07-09 22:21

    This book is WAY too basic for most computer users. I would even think it is too basic for computer beginners; eventually, you're no longer a beginner, and this book will have NOTHING for you.But, if you know someone who's been living in a hole for the last twenty years and has never worked with ANY computer, it is a well-organized introduction to the iMac. And, it's not as gratingly nerdy as the "Dummies" books.

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    2019-06-24 16:14

    Almost like Mr. Pouge's "The iMac For Dummies", yet shorter and simpler to read. The book is not just for "dummies", but also for people who know how to work a computer. "The iMac For Dummies" is mainly for individuals who don't even know how to turn a computer on, and "The Little iMac Book" is for people that do, people who know a little more about computers.