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Two bestselling book creators bring prehistoric sea beasts to life in this spectacular pop up masterpiece While dinosaurs patrolled the lands, massive prehistoric sharks, giant scorpions and colossal squid cruised the ancient oceans most with just one thing in mind eat or be eaten Full of captivating facts and than thirty five breathtaking pop ups, this incredible companion volume to the bestselling Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs explores the prehistoric underwater world, where monsters ruled the waves for millions of years....

Title : Encyclopedia Prehistorica Sharks and Other Sea Monsters: The Definitive Pop-Up
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ISBN : 9780744586893
ISBN13 : 978-0744586893
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Walker Books Ltd 1 Mai 2006
Number of Pages : 495 Pages
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Encyclopedia Prehistorica Sharks and Other Sea Monsters: The Definitive Pop-Up Reviews

  • terra
    2019-04-17 23:56

    Wenn ich Die Bücher von Robert Sabuda nicht kennen würde - ich würde nicht glauben, dass so etwas im Buchformat zu akzeptablem Preis zu haben ist. Wenn das gewünschte Buch nicht mehr auf Deutsch zu haben war bin ich gerne auch auf die englische Ausgabe ausgewichen.

  • Meta4
    2019-04-06 08:16

    Flawless paper engineering in this book that engages the reader on every page! Sabuda's work both humbled me yet inspired me as now I make silly little pop-up cards that have become an expectation from family members and friends for all special occasions. I think to myself, "If Robert Sabuda can make a shark jump out of a book, then I can at least make a simple flower garden pop up card!" My little one and I marvel at the mechanics in this book, as well as others of his. Someday we might get to one of his big shows that I hear he does in New York from time to time.

  • Jonhayashi1
    2019-04-24 07:55

    The more Pop-up Sabuda Reinhardt books I collect, the more amazing they seem to become!! Their Encyclopedia series of pop-ups are just beautiful and incredible! Looking at all 3 PREHISTORICA books makes me think of the artistic awe that I always feel watching the Rite of Spring animation in the classic 1940 FANTASIA! That 70 year old hand drawn animation is far more fasinating for me then the cold and stupid JURASSIC PARK movie even though FANTASIA'S dinosaurs would be considered out of date today because of recent research! Besides the drama of survival and it's march to the death of the dieing dinosaurs, Rite Of Spring has gorgeous hand painted, hand drawn art made in the style of Charles M. Knight whose paintings of prehistoric life have been on display in the Natural History Museum in New York City for decades.The pop-ups of all 3 PREHISTORICA ENCYCLOPEDIA books including SHARKS AND OTHER SEA MONSTERS are painted in a streamlined style that reminds me of FANTASIA'S dinosaurs and pleiosaurs. The first 2 page spread has a mini pop-up underneath a prehistoric lobster, that depicts early amphibians, fish and insects in the Paleozoic era before the Meseizoic age of dinosaurs! It even has a frosted plastic in front of the sea creatures to give the effect of being underwater! The next mini page shows pleiosaurs in the water and pteradactyls in the air of the dinosaur age and then the last pages depicted a huge megalodon shark attacking a whale! All this in just this little first pop-up!! WOW!! The next pages display a gigantic crocadile named sarccsuchus that wheighed more then 8 tons and is shown leaping out the water about to swallow an unlucky dino trying to get away!! As I pull open the pages the jaws of the giant gator are closing in on the pop-up dino! It made me think of the huge prehistoric fosselised gator skull in the Natural History museum I saw so many years ago!!A smaller pop-up above the big one has a cameroseras squid that was 36 feet long and that made me think of recent film footage of a real giant squid that I saw on the tv news!! Like the DINOSAURS and MEGA BEAST pop-up books, there are plenty of surrprise pop-ups throughout this book! One reviewer said there is only one shark in this book but if you look at the megalodon shark head pop-up that is beautifully detailed with open pink inside jaws and shark teeth, there is a side pop-up pages that when you open it reveals 3 bizzarre exstict sharks, the helicoprion, the xenacanthus and the stethacanthus, all with strange shapes, teeth and weird fins that would scare the cast of JAWS out of their mind!!I love the choice of colour patterns on their swimming bodies! An undersea kronosaurus pop-up skeleton in swimming position swims in the middle of the next pages!The bone ribbed pop-ups of prehistoric animals in these books are so cool! A pop-up porpoise like ichthyosaur is in the top right pop-up on this page representing fish reptiles! Long Necked sea lizards such as pleiosaurs, mosasaurs and long necked elasmasaurus are rendered in shades of red and blues as they pop-up out of the sea pages in violent action! And a lower horizontal pop-up opens up to reveal a red shelled giant turtle called archelon who weighed more then 10,000 pounds!! Writing this review has been real educational for me and I'm in my 50s! So this book is truly informative and great for all ages! Highly recommended!!

  • Patrick B.
    2019-04-17 00:01

    Yet another magnificent book (I should say "event"!) by Sabuda. Within most pages there are even more "little pages" to open- sometimes as many as three additional ones.We bought this for my six year old grandson (for Valentine's day) who was enthralled.Great purchase.

  • Phyllis E.
    2019-04-05 02:11

    I bought this as the second in a series of pop-up books for a young nephew. The first one by this author was dazzling! Even the adults fought over it. Now this one done around sea creatures is every bit as good. I cannot wait to give this gift. I would open the pages and just back off because it was so realistic. Excellent book for kids and also for adults who want to look like a kid again.

  • Sergio
    2019-04-18 07:54

    Bought this for my kids. The last page came broken and poorly fixed with tape (which seemed weird, as if it was an used item, see the pictures), so instead of a popup we had a flimsy cardboard form. I also bought the Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs, which came perfect and inside a clear plastic bag. This one came without it (which also made me think this was an used item). I can't replace it because shipping from Argentina is too expensive, but I had no other way to complain. So be advised if you don't have the option to return/replace the items. Otherwise, this would be a five-star book.