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Roddy Doyle s account of the Republic of Ireland s triumphant journey through Italia 90 is just one of the many first class pieces in this anthology of original football writing Contributors include Harry Pearson, Harry Ritchie, Ed Horton, Olly Wicken, D.J Taylor, Huw Richards, Nick Hornby, Chris Pierson, Matt Nation, Graham Brack, Don Watson, and Giles Smith....

Title : My Favorite Year: A Collection of Football Writing
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My Favorite Year: A Collection of Football Writing Reviews

  • Josh
    2019-06-30 19:50

    A nice collection of short stories with a Football(soccer) base. I would recommend to anyone that enjoys the footie and decent writing skills.

  • gynnsquarephoenix
    2019-07-13 20:55

    Really enjoyable. Edited by Hornby who contributes his own story of his best season as a fan. Some heavy hitters tell the often heart wrenching stories of their teams agony and glory of a season in the Football League.

  • Mr. Muumi
    2019-07-02 04:04

    This collection is something for you if you followed English football between the years of 1970 - 1990's. Alternatively it may interest you if you are a fan of Nick Hornby and read all his books already. Otherwise there is not that much for the rest of us to read.

  • Volkswagen Blues
    2019-06-30 01:08

    The greatest strength of this collection of essays/reminiscences is its diversity. In wonderfully varied pieces, "My Favourite Year" captures a broad band of moods and shows just how multi-faceted our reactions to soccer--and, at a deeper level, our approaches to remembering--are.

  • Robertomelbourne
    2019-07-19 02:56

    Unfortunately this is a mixed bag.

  • None
    2019-07-12 03:07

    You've probably tuned into this page because of your Nick Hornby-admiration. If so, ther is a few things that has to be mentioned. This book is a collection of football (soccer) writing, it's not a Nick Hornby-extravaganza. The different stories are contributed by a number of british autors, who also have a great interest in football. Therefor, if you've read Hi Fidelity and loved it, but are hesitating about Fever Pitch, because of its sporty content, then you'll probably hate this one. On the other hand, if you. like me, love the true game (football (soccer)), then this is a compilation better than the most. There are a mixture of humour, tears, anger and joy, when the authors are describing their favourite teams during a given season. Especially one story, by Harry Pearson, about Middlesbrough should be pointed out. The irony of the team's recess is extraordinary british and makes you a very proud owner of the book. Nick Hornby himself has also contributed with one of the better stories, but surprisingly not about Arsenal.

  • Alexandre Bertoldi
    2019-07-20 21:11

    Books about sports tend to be "subliterature". "My favourite year" would definitely be an exception to this rule - if it was a book about sports, or, more specifically, about football. But this collection of short stories is much more than that, utilizing events and facts related to football to describe human passion in its rawest and most exacerbated form. No matter the country, team or period, the stories reflect the kind of love (passionate, unilateral, unjustifiable, absurd, unconditional, etc.) that football fans all around the world know very well. Even with two or three less inspired stories, it is a highly enjoyable read throughout.Among many smiles and memories, it can even at moments bring tears to the eyes of the more emotional fans like myself.