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Arguing that the greatest advances still to come will be in the life sciences, Fukuyama asks how the ability to modify human behavior will affect liberal democracy He underlines man s changing understanding of human nature through history from Plato Aristotle s belief that man had natural ends to the ideals of utopians dictators of the modern age who sought to remake mankind for ideological ends The ultimate prize of the biotechnology revolution intervention in the germ line, the ability to manipulate the DNA of all of one person s descendants will have profound, potentially terrible, consequences for our political order, even if undertaken by ordinary parents seeking to improve their children....

Title : Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution
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Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution Reviews

  • Neil Cotiaux
    2019-07-19 23:53

    What is "human nature"? And will failure to initiate widespread government oversight of scientific research that could change this definition open a Pandora's Box of dire consequences?

  • Rodrigo Negrete Prieto
    2019-07-20 00:50

    There is no doubt that Francis Fukuyama is a thinker who performs pretty well in a strategic scale. He aptly outlines one of the leading subjects who will shape the political, cultural, religious and economic clashes of the XX1 century and is as his best both synthesizing a lot of relevant information and detecting as well the transcendence of some debates apparently out of the public and media limelight (such as the Searle-Dennett on the role and nature of consciousness) not only because their implications, but also because they are symptoms of how scientism has taken over more and more territories of the human identity to a point that is not so far away to deny it. But above all the best asset of this book consists on his clear understanding on which is at stake. The disruptive potential of the more extreme forms of technological hubris such as genetic "improvement "applied to human genome it is clearly stated: because as unintended consequence it could lead not only to a sort of "arms race" between states but also within society itself (among private citizens with de facto different access to resources) inequality would acquire another dimension and meaning. Under a perspective where a society of classes could take the path of a society of castes, the whole foundations of political order, as was understood in the western tradition would crumble. The peril is simply that differences in socioeconomic terms turn into a difference in biological terms. The mere possibility of that gap is just unbearable for a modern society. If that happen class struggle never had before a stronger motivation.

  • William S Jamison
    2019-06-23 20:57

    Fukuyama has been one of my favorites since "The End of History." Glad to see history has started again and science is the new narrative! "Posthuman" continues to demonstrate that the author has a very comprehensive view of current insights in many fields and puts them in a cohesive picture that rings true. Reading Fukuyama is a great way to read a hundred up-to-date books all at once and get the highlights from all of them. Expect frequent pauses while reading this as your own mind reels with the ideas.

  • Ahmed M. El Minawi
    2019-07-05 22:02

    Having read other titles by this author i eagerly purchased this. I put it down after a few pages and finally finished 3 weeks later. Very different writing style from what we are used to. His ideas in this book are at times far-fetched and plainly wrong.

  • Kate Wescott
    2019-06-28 22:05

    I don't feel the same way about genetic modification, but his arguments were valid points, but he jumped to conclusions that are impossible at this time, so it felt like reading a conspiracy novel.

  • Catherine
    2019-06-24 23:14

    As expected thanks!

  • Alex Foster
    2019-06-30 19:56

    This book is sooo good! And it is still very relevant. You do not need to know anything about biotchnology to enjoy this book!

  • aytek
    2019-07-21 21:06

    The cocktail recipes is just a few pages with some simple illustrations by unknown artists. Why does it cost 10 $. I feel like ripped off. Why do you sell this as a .book. İt is more like a leaflet. And must be free of charge.