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Knife Throwing is the most authoritative guide on every aspect of the sport From knives and knife throwing techniques to competition and advice, as well as profiles of pioneers and legends in the field, this book covers it all Bobby Branton, President of American Knife Thrower s Alliance AKTA Not only is knife throwing fun, but it is also a great sport, entertainment, recreation and exercise It can be an enjoyable hobby, pastime, or even a profession, and the fundamentals are easy to learn Anyone who can throw a stick, stone, or baseball can also learn how to throw a knife with skill and accuracy All you need is a good knife designed for the purpose, whether made to throw by the handle or blade, a target, and a small portion of the backyard for the throwing range Few sports can provide so much recreation at so little cost Knife throwing is a sport in which individual skills can be developed to a very high degree Expert knife throwing, like great proficiency in any other sport, is formed by natural aptitude and instinct combined with that one magic ingredient practice In Knife Throwing by American Knife Thrower s Alliance founder, Harry McEvoy, demonstrates how to throw a knife successfully in chapters such as It s Fun to Throw a KnifeChoice of WeaponsHow to Throw a KnifeHow to Develop Pin Point AccuracyHow to Select a Throwing KnifeTargets How and WhereTomahawks and BowiesSafety Measures, Rules, and Care of KnivesThe ProfessionalsHunting A New Twist to an Old SportTales, Legends and People...

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Knife Throwing: A Practical Guide Reviews

  • Ryan899uv7
    2019-07-11 19:30

    So I bought the book in an attempt to recapture those boring summer afternoons. I also got a set of throwing knives, 8 inch long, here on amazon. I admit that this book isn't going to throw the knives for you. I had some time where no knives would stick. I continued to read the first 3 chapters over and over again and it seemed as though I had a better chance hitting the lotto than finally sticking the knife.

  • CoolStoryBro
    2019-06-30 20:31

    Dang good read. I like the fact that this book actually goes in depth about the history of knife throwing and especially with a guy who KNOWS what he's talking about. Knife throwers have their own special ways of learning how to throw and hack at a stump or other target. I love Mr. McEvoy's points in this little book. He gives simple direction with pictures and instructions on how to throw a different array of knives and hatchets/Axes. I suggest both new and seasoned knife throwers to pick this book up. It's influential, inspiring and eye opening to the world of throwers. Worth every penny. Thanks a ton!

  • Hoss
    2019-07-04 19:38

    This is great SHTF stuff ! ! ! Get ready and get prepared ! ! ! ... Your gone to need it ! ! This is the book you need to learn how to throw a knife.. You can learn to do this in an apartment if you really want to learn to protect yourself..

  • Nicole Myers
    2019-07-13 19:52

    Delivered extremely quickly! The book is filled with great information, and I have to say that I learned a lot. Definite must by for all aspiring knife throwers!

  • Sandra K. Haas
    2019-07-09 22:38

    Great book for teaching knife throwing. My grandson loved it

  • Steven Estabrooks
    2019-07-17 20:43


  • Erica
    2019-07-12 20:31

    bought for my teenager. He read the book, thought it was good. Went in the backyard and threw knives. Within a few minutes he stuck them, unfortunately I bought cheap knives and they were quickly ruined.

  • CheapGrunt
    2019-07-01 20:39

    This is a pretty old book...however, the techniques are still valid. There is a lot of information on the history of knife throwing and how you can make a living doing it. I won't quit my day job.