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From the shadows of the ancient Middle East comes the terror known as the hashishin, an order of professional assassins that evolved from the ancient and infamous Brotherhood of the Blood Lickers No group has had a lethal influence throughout history than this fraternity of trained killers In this unique and astonishing book, Dr Haha Lung not only traces the complete history of the hashishin, but explains the rules of Islamic warfare and the true concept of jihad Also included in graphic detail are proven fighting and self defense techniques, including Fist and FireAssassin Unarmed CombatThe Nine Blows of VannaMovement PatternsAnd much The hashishin cultivated every method at their disposal to deal with their enemies, and Assassin gives you every shred of information about their well honed methods For academic study only Dr Haha Lung is the author of than a dozen books on martial arts, including Mind Manipulation, Ninja Shadowhand, and Knights of Darkness....

Title : Assassin: The Deadly Art of Th: The Deadly Art of the Cult of the Assassins
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Publisher : Citadel 1 Oktober 2004
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Assassin: The Deadly Art of Th: The Deadly Art of the Cult of the Assassins Reviews

  • None
    2019-07-09 17:52

    This book does not worth a cent of your money, unless you want to read a Comic book. I have read many other books about the Middle East History but never as distorted information like in this book Assassin!I believe that I wasted my money for buying this title! When you buy this book you only pay for the ink and cover used to publish this comic book.

  • None
    2019-07-07 21:51

    I live in Seattle, and in the neighborhood I live in there are a lot of skinheads, so I carry a knife. After reading this book, one night four skinheads jumped me, one was in the hospital for three months, the other three were put in intensive care, I don't know what happened to them. I recommend this book highly, but don't seriusly do it, look at me I did and now I'm locked up, I should have only used it in a life or death situation.

    2019-06-24 20:42

    this book details a very good overveiw of many of the tactics used by radical islam against people they perceive to be enemies . the book gives insight into the political beleifs and customs of a little known islamic sect thought to be extinct called the hashishin. it details the fighting tactics ,both empty hand and weapons used by their devotees to kill and terrify infidels who blaspheme against allah . any interested in islamic culture would do well to get the book , because it will clearly show that al-qaeda .the hashishin and all the the other radicals and their tactics have been exposed and can be countered by citizens who are no longer in the dark. it is clear that these people are among us but thanks to books like this one we a a better chance of dealing with them . ignorance is not bliss

  • Scott Cockrell
    2019-07-11 21:39

    If you are familiar with Dr. Lung's other books, or books by Dirk Skinner or Ralf Dean Omar, then you should like this book. I say this because the one-star reviewers appear to have purchased this book expecting something like a traditional martial arts manual, which it is not. Dr. Lung's books are big on covert history and psychological techniques, and light on combat instruction.So, what do you get? The first 1/3 of the book is a breezy semi-accurate history of the Order of the Assassins and the Crusades, with Dr. Lung's conspiratorial view of history showing up mostly at the end, making a case for Assassin influence on secret societies and modern terror tactics.Now for the practical part of the book. It starts with meditation techniques and psychological techniques, such as exploiting an enemies appetites or habits. For the physical combat portion the author states that the Assassin was not a knife fighter or a boxer, but a murderer that used subterfuge to kill a target, so you need to keep that in mind. The martial techniques are described simply, and then used in a few demonstration scenarios. You will need some previous martial arts training and a training buddy to really get the most from this. Like I said, not a how to fight book, not at all.Like other books my Dr. Lung, his skewed view of history is entertaining, his martial techniques are good if you need some exercise, but it's the psychology of the Assassin that's the worthwhile part of the book.

  • Jason
    2019-06-24 00:35

    I got this from BookJingle for dirt cheap, and even with shipping it was only about half the price or less of a brand new one. The condition was superb. As far as the book contents, it is good if you're interested in this type of stuff. I have a lot of legit training under my belt and much more credible books on my shelf, but still I enjoy these. I have other books by this author so I knew what to expect. It's like most Ninja books, but with a Middle Eastern twist. I thought about getting this years ago, but didn't want to spend full price; when I saw it here I figured it would be worth it to throw in daypack and read a bit on downtime. There's always something you can get from just about any book, and if nothing else it's fun. Overall, I would say that: If you are really into Middle Eastern stuff then go ahead and get it; If you really like this author then go ahead and get it; If you want this information specifically then go ahead and get it; If you are in Special Ops or something and are constantly looking for anything of any value whatsoever no matter how miniscule even if just to possibly gain some info on your enemies tactics then go ahead and get it; If you have all the martial arts reference material that you need but want something else for the heck of it then go ahead and get it; If you were going to only have one book on martial arts I think you could do better and you could do worse; If you are a super critical and uptight martial artist that is not interested in anything but a formal traditional regimen then you may want to pass on this one, though not necessarily. Depending on how much training you have, and what type and quality that training is, this may or may not blow your mind. Probably not. But still, I won't slam it here. It's not bad for what it is... it's actually pretty good. For a younger person or beginner/intermediate martial artist it probably has a lot of fresh material. If you've been around a while there will be less for you. As for the Middle Eastern Assassin aspect, not many books discuss that so this is a good source if all the historical stuff is accurate. Anyways, I don't regret buying it, especially for a bargain price. You'll have to decide for yourself.

  • Miguel Angel Felix
    2019-06-24 22:41

    Love it

  • Sean O'Farrell
    2019-07-02 17:41

    First, for Roger in Las Vegas...if your review is for real, and you went around dressed as a ninja, you were asking for it.For the fellow in Seattle...sorry to hear that. In the US, 75% of the time a martial artist goes to court, they lose. Public perception (even in cases of self defense) is, "That karate guy didn't have to beat up that guy (or guys) so bad."As for the book, a most interesting history lesson indeed. As for the techniques in the book, as a reviewer stated here no one is going to become a fighter by reading a book about it.I did find the illustrations (pencil sketches) most interesting in that quite often the victim is made to look like a Crusader with a huge cross on his shirt. Unlike other martial arts books, the knife techniqures are also illustrated with the knife being plunged into someone's body. There's no doubt the illustrations are to teach Islam's view of all "infidels" along with the techniques. If you don't think so, check out the illustration of the captive in a cage or box, and the assassin standing over him holding a knife....and the captive's head.(The only other time I've seen such ilustrations was in a translated KGB manual and victims were shown in US Army uniforms, with 1st CAV. Div. patches).I will say this for the book- at least it doesn't start out with 25 lapel grabs and other such things geared for 1800's Japan. In comparison to the run of the mill martial art book, it's a book on bare-handed assassination techniques and knife techniques. We are definitley not talking "dojo ballet" here.