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Title : Ancient Greek (Teach Yourself)
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ISBN : 0844237868
ISBN13 : 978-0844237862
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Language : Englisch, Altgriechisch
Publisher : NTC Contemporary Publishing Company 1 M rz 1993
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Ancient Greek (Teach Yourself) Reviews

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    2019-07-28 19:02

    Ancient Greek (Teach Yourself) is a very densely written, informative book. The only flaw is thatit presumes some knowledge of other languages and details ofgrammar and linguistics that the average reader may not be familiar with. In general, though, grammatical concepts and their applications are very well explained. This is not a book for the faint of heart - entire subjects are discussed in detail in a few pages, and then the reader is left to practice individually until proficient. However, for anyone with a basic understanding of language, this book is extremely useful. Everything is well explained, and readings are included from ancient texts as practice material. You may want to have a favorite text in ancient Greek handy as you learn, for additional practice (I used Homer's Iliad and Odyssey).

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    2019-08-19 19:07

    While I'm sure this book would be good for those with some experience reading Greek, I'd advise against using it to teach oneself Ancient Greek. The problem is that the chapters are too dense for beginners, and the material is not organized in a fashion that presents itself clearly to novices. Although this book has robust vocab lists in the first few chapters, the authors quickly abandon the student to construct such lists on his own from the words given in the grammar. Exercises focus too quickly on reading without drilling the fundamental concepts presented in the grammar. I'm learning Greek on my own, and while I haven't gotten much out of this book now, I'm sure it will make a useful reference book eventually. But "Teach Yourself" definitely does not belong on this book's cover.

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    2019-08-13 21:05

    Despite being a 'Teach Yourself' book, I have found it quite frustrating to use on my own. Little attempt is made to repeat vocabulary, so I find myself needing to look up almost every word in every sentence. The appendix with grammatical forms is very thin, lacking such basic entries as personal pronouns, definite articles, and adjectives. This leads to constant thumbing back through chapters to find where something was first introduced. But perhaps the worst flaw is that the reading consists mainly of single, isolated sentences. I often find that I can't understand a sentence even when I've gotten all of the vocabulary and grammar correct, because there's no context for the meaning.

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    2019-07-29 18:01

    A major difficulty for a student of ancient languages is the amount of grammar he has to learn. I have some knowledge of Sanskrit and so I overestimated my ability to master the grammar of Greek. Though this is not a bad book, it is too full of grammar and thus makes for difficult reading. I couldn't get a feel for the language as I really felt lost in the grammar. I have already forgotten all the grammar! A better approach for the author would have been to introduce simpler passages from the Greek authors and then introduce the grammar related to the text. Perhaps I should have bought the "Teach Yourself Ancient Greek (Foundation Course)" first :-(

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    2019-07-27 19:55

    It is very hard to teach yourself a new language. Teaching yourself Ancient Greek is, I believe, next to impossible. But as a grammar book, it is carefully written and has a lot of information. I have had this book for years now and, although I learnt Greek at school with a teacher, I find myself sometimes going to it for reference instead of to Smyth or to other weightier things. Personal pluses: the order of cases (NVAGD)and the choice of readings. Personal minuses: the very small print (not the author's fault) and 'c' for sigma. But then again Australians are a little special.

  • sally salman
    2019-08-12 23:01

    i would like to know about ancient greek myths and legends