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This incredibly valuable book on stand up paddling performance is the next best thing to having Suzie there next to you on the water and on land, training and coaching you You might not be able to get to Maui, but Suzie Trains Maui can now come to you Take advantage of these jewels NOW before your next race Immediately you ll discover how to dominate with paddle power become faster off the start build body and water confidence increase your mental game choose the right fuel for training and race day develop your very own SUP program improve your balance download a FREE SUP Training Log There are hundreds of step by step photographs showing exactly how to increase your SUP performance Improving your cardio capacity and endurance, learning how to develop better balance and faster reaction times for changing conditions, breaking waves or tight buoy turns are just some of the many ways she will help you increase your paddle board performance The book you ve been waiting for from Maui s elite SUP ocean trainer, athlete and globally known ambassador of the sport, Suzie Cooney, is finally here Current world SUP champion, Annabel Anderson writes, Suzie is not only a trainer and athlete, but an athlete of life Suzie brings a compliment of skills to any situation that are garnered from the school of hard knocks to help harness a person s athletic and personal potential While you may see a strong, aesthetically beautiful woman from the outside, it s her life experience that has honed her steely resolve, tenacity, resilience, knowledge and power to overcome the unthinkable When you read this book, you re tapping into this bank of knowledge to emerge with an arsenal of tools to help you go forward There is no other book like this and her exercises and approach to increasing one s paddling strength and performance works You ll be strong with the right amount of lean muscle for endurance but you ll also have the muscle strength for explosive paddling power You ll also receive a FREE downloadable SUP Training Log that will help you chart and map your goals to success Learn how to keep your head in the game and become mentally tough, fierce and smart for some of your toughest races or new SUP challenges Suzie writes, Mental discipline and training your brain for paddling excellence has nothing to do with willpower and everything to do with believing you can achieve your goal She also adds, Whether you re new to the sport of stand up paddling or preparing for an exciting Maui Maliko downwinder or a sprint race, having upper body paddling strength and endurance is critical to your success and enjoyment of the sport I want you to have the ammunition and extreme body confidence you need to help you pass a competitor, make every wave, and dominate Because you are unique and so is your current level of fitness, you will learn how to develop your own training program that you can design to best fit your fitness paddling needs This book will also educate you and help you make the best nutrition decisions for training up to the week before and on race day The you know why your body needs certain types of food for fuel to help you faster to the finish line, or just to help you finish a grueling race the better prepared you ll be and the better outcome you ll have in your overall SUP training and performance Suzie trains people and athletes from around the world via SKYPE and some are lucky enough to come and paddle and train with her on Maui Maybe one day that will be you, but for now take this book with you to the beach, to the gym and to the water s edge and watch your SUP performance soar....

Title : How to Increase Your Stand Up Paddling Performance
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How to Increase Your Stand Up Paddling Performance Reviews

  • Kröh
    2019-07-21 21:02

    Great how-to-guide to make your next step in stand up paddling, especially downwind paddling.Suzie has a very good style of writing and explaining.Although I need to say that it will be hard work to practice her fitness tipps. Book is full of exercises for your SUP relevant muscles. Every exercise shown in pictures.I love her insights in the Downwind chapter.

  • Darrell G. Kirk
    2019-07-11 00:14

    Suzie Cooney is a well known figure in the Stand Up Paddle fitness community, so the minute I saw her new book announced, I purchased it immediately on Kindle to help prepare for the "Round the Rock" SUP race in Seattle which took place the next day. Suzie's detailed, and very easy to understand nutritional information made all the difference in the world with the outcome of my race! — Turns out I was way over fueling come race day and was shocked to see what I actually needed.I would also like to thank Suzie for information I have read nowhere else, and like her book does over and over again, give very simple to understand information that will yield incredible results—Case in point: A VO2max running test one can complete with nothing more than a stopwatch and a neighborhood running track. This test is virtually free and gives an athlete a good picture of where they are in their training, and by the way does not cost $300 - $400 per test.Overall, Suzie's book says, "Let's do this!" and here's a way to do it that is simple to understand AND does not require special tests, machines, and can be incorporated into your lifestyle for very big results to make you a better Stand Up Paddle Racer!Darrell KirkStand Up Paddle the World

  • Brooks
    2019-07-04 00:59

    After careful research, I discovered "Suzie" via instructional SUP videos on YOU tube. Impressed by her knowledge, can do attitude, professionalism and her ability to teach ; we contacted her in the Fall of 14', had a Skype session and booked a lesson with her as we were going to be in Maui during April 15'. Despite that our arrival was at the beginning of the Downwind season ,Suzie fit us in ,what followed was the best SUP instruction: ideal location, clear instruction, patience, demonstration of technique followed by assessment.Suzie's "Aloha" spirit enabled me to participate in a community paddle that was a few days later..she provided everything ,SUP,paddle, all I had to do was show up: it was a great community event and something we would have never been able to be a part of.The above backstory is to describe Suzie's Book. Reading the book one feels as if you are having a conversation with an experienced friend about SUP. The Title covers it all : increase your core strength : injury, mental toughness,Downwind as it is all there . Want to know how to / about your VO2 Max, motivation drive ,strength & endurance it is all covered so one can understand it . As an older paddler, Chapter 7 brought the SUP experience home for me : Mental Part, I could go on and on but do not want to ruin your fun in reading the book.If a trip to Maui is on your Bucket list , view Suzie's SUP videos on You tube, read her book, e mail /Skype her on developing a SUP plan of action and go have fun.

  • Mary Shaw
    2019-07-11 02:09

    I downloaded this book as soon as it was available and couldn't put it down. I've trained with Suzie Cooney over Skype and she is the real deal. This book truly has all of her best training tips and techniques in one huge volume. Yes, it's expensive, and yes, you will have to invest in some training equipment to get the most out of it. The balance training chapter alone is worth the price of the entire book. After implementing several of Suzie's SUP training tips a few years ago I won my first local race. It was an amazing feeling, so I know how well her programs work. This book is an excellent reference, especially with all the photographs and emphasis on proper form and technique. Follow Suzie's advice and you will become a stronger, better and faster paddler.

  • Lisa S.
    2019-07-09 23:57

    This book is long overdue! This is the first publication I've seen that brings together all of the key elements of standup paddle board racing, training, nutrition and gear overview in one place. What makes this book truly stand out is that is written in a way that will appeal to both the beginning paddle boarder who wants to try SUP racing as well as the experienced one. Suzie's web site has always had great info on taking your paddling to the next level, but to have it all in one place is awesome. While the information is extremely useful, the presentation and the way the book is organized and laid out makes it extremely accessible and user-friendly. This is destined to be the SUP training bible.

  • lynn
    2019-07-14 23:07

    This book is blowing me away. Even though I always read ebooks, I was torn between buying the printed or ebook version because I was worried that the ebook wouldn't measure up. Because I didn't want to wait for the mail, I went with the electronic version and frankly, it's the best one I've ever had. I can't believe the quality of the pictures -- even when I zoom, it's pixel perfect (I was showing everybody). I'm only a few chapters in and learning a lot. Suzie doesn't assume the reader knows the basics and actually breaks fundamental concepts down in a way I've never seen. Totally stoked! It's going to be struggle not to move to Maui :)