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Achieve Your Skiing Potential All it takes to be an expert skier are the correct movements and the right equipment Join Harald Harb as he helps you learn these movements and to pick the equipment that s right for you.Anyone Can Be an Expert Skier 1 features Harald Harb s truly innovative Primary Movements Teaching System PMTS that is a complete teaching system suitable for beginners and experts Whatever your current ability level, you ll learn expert technique, and you ll learn to recognize and avoid the dead end movements that keep you stalled at the intermediate level.With over 200 photos, tear out Pocket Instructor cards you can take on the mountain, a bonus DVD, Anyone Can Be an Expert Skier 1 is the most effective ski instruction system available no matter your skill level....

Title : Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier 1 w/DVD: The New Way to Ski
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ISBN : 1578261775
ISBN13 : 978-1578261772
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Hatherleigh Press Auflage Pap DVD 5 November 2004
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Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier 1 w/DVD: The New Way to Ski Reviews

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    2019-05-17 15:19

    On my opinion, this book (and most importantly, system which it describes), is a REAL REVOLUTION in teaching skiing. Not only it eliminates the mistery from downhill skiing, it saves misery from downhill skiers, especially from "frustrated intermediates", described in "Breakthrough on Skies" by Lito Tejada-Flores.The bulk of the book dedicated to detailed description of few basic movements which are necessary for performing curving turns (here the name of the system -"Primery Movements"). Each of these movements can be trained and perfected SEPARATELY from others. A lot of photos, but the best option is to purchase the video with the book and see the movements in motion. An excellent chapter about foot/alignment problems.After reading the book, I went to Silver Creek, CO where Mr. Harb and his collegue Diana Rogers teach the system and took lessons with them. The results greatly exceeded my expectation. After getting my boots properly aligned, I spent few days training according to the system. At the end of my vacation I was able to curve GS type of turns without slightest hint of skidding. Before I can't produce even single curved turn despite 5 years of taking lessons and ski clinics.Approximately 40-30% of time was spent on training new movements, while 60-70% went into "undoing" the old ones. I wish each chapter dedicated to certain primery movement teached in the book was accompanied by "undo" section. One of the main surprises was the fact that these movements have been known and used for years by racers. It's a pity, it took so long to bring it to the rest of skiers, but better later then never !The book will be especially helpful for beginners and intermediates (real experts might already know the staff). I guess few people will not like book at all, for instance, some ski teachers, which will suddenly discover that ways they teach skiing are obsolete and counter-productive.

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    2019-04-28 14:11

    Last fall in one of the many ski publications that come to my home, there was mention of a new book by Harald Harb. Having been in instructor clinics with Harald in the past, and being impressed by his technical mastery and outstanding skiing skills, a former PSIA National Demo team member, it made me want to read his book. What struck me most about the book, Anyone can be an Expert Skier was its utter simplicity. It was devoid of all sorts of extraneous things and reached the essence of excellence.Harb's Primary Movements Teaching System is bio-mechanically sound and thus "far more user friendly." You are using the body in a manner to take advantage of its strengths.For people who are "intermediate skiers" it was possible to get them out of their stem christies and make parallel turns, usually in one PMTS lesson. If not, they are at least able to see how to get to parallel using exercises from the PMTS.So, in conclusion, the door to enjoyable, exhilarating, addictive skiing is open. Take these comments, and read what Harald has to say

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    2019-04-28 13:07

    My wife and two young sons took up skiing last season and it has very quickly become their most favorite sport, as it has been mine. I purchased Harald's book and video in an effort to help my family understand and become proficient in true parallel skiing. After reading Harald's book and watching the video, the whole family now has a much greater understanding of the correct movements and actions which are to be performed to really enjoy and improve carved parallel skiing.The chapters on pole use and alignment are excellent in that they detail in a step by step fashion how important these areas are, which are generally overlooked and/or not introduced to people who are learning how to ski. The alignment chapter also recommends particular types of ski gear for people with different lower body make-ups, eg bowlegged skiers, knock-kneed skiers etc. In summary, I believe all skier's can benefit from taking Harald's teaching methods and putting them into most enjoyable action.

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    2019-04-28 12:59

    I'd been skiing for just over a season-and-a-half when I bought this book. It immediately bumped my skiing up a couple levels, from a place at which I felt very comfortable on groomed runs of any pitch, to one at which I aggreesssively ski powder, moguls and feel no fear in vaulting off cornices into the back bowls.The beauty of the book is the way in which Harb breaks down the biomechanics of skiing into concentrated modules and steps. The mental processes I use now reagrding foot placement do indeed drag the rest of my body into efficient motion.Beyond the basics, though, Harb has excellent advice concerning moguls, pole placement and powder skiing. His advice to keep heels and knees together through the deep stuff has made powder skiing on parabolics a joy. Quad burns have all but disappeared. All in just three or four weekends on the slopes.The pictures and handy pocket-sized reminder cards are extremely helpful. Invest in this book; it's a gem.

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    2019-05-03 10:57

    An excellent book which explained the secrets of skiing in such a precise and logical fashion. The photo sequences were also helpful in seeing whether you were on the right track. I found that the moves and excercises he used in the books were easy to learn and emulate on the ski slopes. The speed of my improvements were mind blowing and the great thing about Harold's technique is that, you can take it anywhere ie. steeps, crud, bumps. This is where other systems seem to show there flaws! The Biomechanical explanations as it relates to ski movements were also a very good addition. The alignment section, showed me that I have been on the wrong path for years and helped me choose the right equipment for my anatomy and skiing ability. You will find that because his methodolgy is so simple, you will be able to analyse and correct your movements on the slope. I hope he writes a second book on skiing steeps, crud, bumps etc... you know the tough stuff.