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First circulated on the streets of Greenwich Village in 1967, the SCUM Manifesto is a searing indictment of patriarchal culture in all its forms Shifting fluidly between the worlds of satire and straightforward critique, this classic is a call to actiona radical feminist vision for a different world This is an update of the essential AK Press edition, with a new foreword.To see the SCUM Manifestos humor, to let it crack you up page after page, is not to read it as a joke Its not The truth of the world as seen though Valeries eyes is patently absurd, a cosmic joke Humor such as this is a muscle, a weapon It was the truth, and the truth is so absurd its painful Michelle TeaUnhampered by propriety, niceness, discretion, public opinion, morals, the respect of assholes, always funky, dirty, low down SCUM gets around Youve got to go through a lot of sex to get to anti sex, and SCUMs been through it all, and theyre now ready for a new show they want to crawl out from under the dock, move, take off, sink out Valerie SolanasValerie Solanas was a radical feminist playwright and social propagandist who was arrested in 1968 after her attempted assassination of Andy Warhol Deemed a paranoid schizophrenic by the state, Solanas was immortalized in the 1996 film I Shot Andy Warhol.In Oakland, California on March 24, 2015 a fire destroyed the AK Press warehouse along with several other businesses Please consider visiting the AK Press website to learn about the fundraiser to help them and their neighbors....

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SCUM Manifesto Reviews

  • meldem1
    2019-08-31 20:07

    Every woman should read this. Tongue in cheek humor, but she's got a few good points in there.

  • How I See It
    2019-09-07 00:04

    Great for insomnia.

  • little e
    2019-09-22 20:56

  • Norbert Hill
    2019-09-17 21:58

    Great read

  • Bilqis Majed ALSharhan
    2019-09-06 01:50

    This is a very radical feminist tract. While the sentiment is laudable and one to an extent I share, the writer seemed deranged with her juvenile ideas about transcending the system altogether by "quitting work, eliminating money and all governments, and killing men." It is also amazing how she completely overlooked any discussion of religion. I give it 3 stars mainly for its shock and entertainment value.

  • Jason
    2019-09-05 23:37

    She's a bit of a flake who also thinks that machines/technology can do all the work and that men aren't even needed. She reveals her leanings toward a communist utopia with that notion. The best part of having this book was the obvious remarks from a young female student trying very hard to speak back to the vitriol with defenses of her own father. I could just imagine a young university student taking a course on feminism to honor a requirement and getting thrown into the deep end with this book. Yes, it has it's high points, and sadly, like so many others with talent Solanas was just as eager as any to sell out for money, fame, a life off the streets. That she didn't and ended up inflicting a gun shot wound upon Warhol that would later play a part in his death is a macabre reminder of the parable of the seed, its relationship to communication media, and the structural relationships between transmitting at play between speaking and guns.

  • T. W. Son
    2019-09-08 20:38

    To fully understand Valerie Solanas' SCUM Manifesto, we must place it into historical context. It is not a violent attack against men, per se, much like a black man's raging indictment against slavery and bigotry isn't strictly against all whites. No, within the context of history, it is a scream of protest against those men who have affected her the most, the kind of men who were most vocally in charge at the time and who are still vying for power now, the kind of men who are "incapable of empathizing or identifying with others, of love, friendship, affection, or tenderness." It would be a disservice to evoke the oft-used derogatory term "red-neck" since this is a mere substitution of one generic term, "man", with another. A more appropriate phrase would be "a stereotype of man"--a stereotype enforced by the media and by society. To use Solanas' own words, society "tells the boy, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly, to not be a sissy, to act like a 'Man'". Keeping this stereotype of what a man should be in mind, much of what Solanas writes fits into place. Men definitely are not from Mars and women definitely are not from Venus, but they are made to think that they are.*

  • Todd30
    2019-08-25 21:56

    It's basically just the angry ramblings of someone spilling their heart out. The anger is so overwhelming, and the intellectual substance so thin, that it doesn't take very long before one stops reading it as a serious assertion of thought, and instead takes it as a kind of emotional testimony. If you don't make that leap, and instead deal with the whole of the text as a serious proposition, then you're left with a very weak, very angry call for violence. It's amateurish and baseless. And in the rare moments where anything deep occurs, it is derivative.