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Title : Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
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ISBN : 8441522391
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Publisher : Anaya Editorial Auflage Translation 30 Juni 2008
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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Reviews

  • JF
    2019-05-21 00:53

    Ein sowohl von der Buchstabengröße als auch dem Schreibstil her leicht zu lesendes und leicht zu verstehendes Buch, das mir die Bedienung von Lightroom sehr schnell erklärt hat. Dieses Buch war für mich ein guter Kauf.

  • Martin
    2019-06-12 04:44

    Che dire, questo libro è il più esplicativo tra tutti quelli che trattano lightroom, scott Kelby eccelle in tutte le categorie per quanto riguarda la fotografia, sono rimasto molto soddisfatto di questo libro, ha trattato tutti gli argomenti in modo chiaro e preciso, l'unica cosa che può essere un problema per qualcuno èmmagari la lingua che è in inglese, io non ho avuto particolari difficoltà, lo consiglio vivamente a tutti quelli che stanno cercando di imparare a usare lightroom 4

    2019-05-28 23:53

    Completely CHANGED my workflow!!I had NO IDEA I was missing so much in not using this tool!I simply dismissed Lightroom as a tool for those who did not want to take the time to learn Photoshop, even though the PROS also seemed to love this software. But now that I KNOW what it is intended to do AND how and why the "Pros" use it, I have COMPLETELY CHANGED the way I deal with my Files I shoot and create!I am TRULY an advocate for this just as much as Photoshop now. In fact, I have GREATLY REDUCED how much I even use Photoshop now! I BREEZE though edit and even PRE-Editing of my shoots, and have even considered re-adding certain types of shoots, which involves capturing MANY images, such as Sports coverage, and small events like Quinceanera's because I can process the shoot in a FRACTION of the time! I am totally amazed by it!And as usual, Scott's "cut straight to the chase" style of describing the use is pure genius! I still don't think I would be using Lightroom if I did not briefly skim through this book. I will GREATLY increase my income from my photography work due to this book! Seriously! I would have EASILY paid the original price when it was first released, but now that CS6 and CC is out, this is simply a no-brainer!! I have actually ordered 3 more for friends and my Cousin since they would also be using LR4 version. Thank you Scott and thank you AWESOMEBOOKSUSA!

  • Hans Halberstadt
    2019-06-04 04:53

    Scott Kelby jams 400 pages of useful information about Lightroom 4 into this 500 page book, but the other 100 pages are fluff, filler, and silly conversational remarks. Every page seems to have a few lines that essentially say, "Look at me! I am really cute!" He's candid that these asides have nothing to do with the training and it is clear that most readers don't seem to care, and maybe that's part of the marketing plan for Kelby's books. In most other publishing houses a professional editor would have chopped out all that fluff with a blue pencil, but not Kelby's editors. It would have been a better book had it been properly edited.Once you get around the silliness, the book is structured logically and the information is detailed. Lightroom is big and complicated and anybody needs training to use its features, some of which are well-hidden. This book would be a far better resource for readers like me if an editor had insisted on clarity. The information is in there, but you have to work around Scott Kelby's song and dance routine to find it.Lightroom 4 is a marvelous tool, extremely complicated and full of resources, and I have come to depend on it for all my professional work. You can learn to operate this tool with Kelby's book but it makes a complicated process even more challenging for anyone new to LR.

  • TishKitty
    2019-06-12 06:58

    I must agree with previous reviewers that the binding on this book and is awful, and after just two nights of going through it the covers are popping up. Also MANY of the illustrations and very hard to read, not sharp, dark images with tiny type, I keep having to pull out a lighted magnifier to see them (seriously). And sometimes his instructions of 'where to click' are very vague and require a lot of hunting and mousing. The organization of the book is awkward, there's no 'quick start' section and often he seems to contradict himself on the way to do something causing me to be hesitant to do very much other than import some sample files to experiment with.Understandably everyone has their own style of working in Lightroom, and this is my first time using LR or RAW camera images so I'm trying to be careful not to have to repeat a lot of work or mess up my existing image libraries. The info on organization is excellent, especially for anyone with thousands of photos and/or OCD, but it does take a lot of reading to figure out exactly how and where to import and save your work to benefit from Lightroom's organizational skills, which are almost overkill in themselves.There is a lot of useful information in the book, but it's very much a 'follow ALL of the steps, through trial and error, good example and bad' to learn how to use the program. If you want a 'classroom in a book' this would be a good choice, but for reference for anyone that's very familiar with Adobe imaging programs it might not be the best choice.Don't miss his webpage (page 149) to download the supplemental photos and info (just click the chapter names, they are the links), a bonus chapter on web galleries, and to watch his video about how this book actually is more of a 'classroom, read front to back' book and if you don't like his jokes, don't read the chapter header pages, lol.

  • G. Joyce
    2019-06-06 03:01

    As a long-time Photoshop Elements and iPhoto user, I recently purchased Lightroom to do a better job of digital image organization and manipulation. Scott Kelby's book did a fantastic job of walking me through Lightroom in a totally logical sequence (starting with moving photos into Lightroom and setting up the organization, then moving to overall photo adjustments, localized tweaks, integration with Photoshop / PE, printing, making books, and finally overall workflow). I'd read it on my Kindle on the bus to work or on the treadmill, then try the things I'd learned on the computer. His instructions were clear and well illustrated, and did a great job of discussing WHY you'd want to do something and not just HOW to do it. His style is light-hearted, which made the reading enjoyable as well as informative. Now that I have some appreciation for all the incredible things that Lightroom can do, I realize there is no way I could begin to take advantage of its power without this book. The extra cost and time to go through this book has increased the value of the software by several orders of magnitude!