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La Juliet i la seva germana s n rfenes des de petites i s han criat amb la seva tieta, per quan la tieta Rose mor, la Juliet rep una estranya her ncia un passaport, una clau i un secret El seu nom vertader s Giulietta Tolomei, i s una descendent dels Tolomei i dels Salimbeni, les fam lies reals que van viure a la Siena medieval i que van inspirar Shakespeare per escriure Romeu i Julieta La Juliet viatjar a Siena per retrobar se amb el seu passat i els seus avantpassats, i descobrir que el malefici que fa segles va caure sobre la seva fam lia Male ts sigueu vosaltres dos i les vostres cases segueix ben viu 600 anys despr s.Amb un detall exquisit i un ritme trepidant, Juliet s un ric tap s que arrossega el lector des del present de la Juliet fins al passat de la Julieta Entre la trag dia, la novel la rom ntica i la novel la pica i d aventures, Juliet remour el cor del lector i accelerar el seu pols I si, al capdavall, Juliet s Julieta, aleshores qui s Romeu Aquesta novel la ho t tot Romeu i Julieta, la noblesa italiana i el m n de la m fia, aventures i hero nes valentes, documents secrets i tresors amagats, amors apassionats i venjances violentes que perduren al llarg dels segles Un debut sensacional Katherine Neville, autora d El vuit i El foc....

Title : Juliet
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ISBN : 8466413529
ISBN13 : 978-8466413527
Format Type : Hardback
Language : Katalanisch
Publisher : Columna CAT 1 M rz 2011
Number of Pages : 202 Pages
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Juliet Reviews

  • Rena
    2019-04-25 00:11

    Eine sehr gute Mischung aus Spannung, Romanze und Historie. Das Buch hält einen bis zum Schluß gefangen mit immer wieder neuen Wendungen.

  • TeensReadToo
    2019-04-18 06:56

    After the death of her great-aunt, Julie's world is turned upside down. Aunt Rose had raised Julie and her twin sister, Janice, since they were three years old and survived a car crash that killed both of their parents. Now, more than twenty years later, Julie still doesn't know much about her family, except that her mother was American and her father Italian, and that they both died near the city of Siena. So when Aunt Rose leaves the entire monetary value of her estate to Janice, and gives Julie nothing but the key to a Sienese safe-deposit box, Julie is horrified at such an unequal distribution of her aunt's fortune, but also intrigued by this chance to find out more about her own heritage. With nothing left to lose, she hops a plane to Siena and sets to work uncovering the mystery that her mother had been at work on when she died.Julie quickly discovers that her real name is not Julie Jacobs, but Giulietta Tolomei, and that, if her mother's theories were correct, she is descended in the female line from the Giulietta Tolomei who was the inspiration for the character of Juliet in Shakespeare's ROMEO & JULIET - a story, she discovers, that was originally set, not in Verona, but in Siena. The clues left behind by her mother lead Julie to uncover the remains of the family feud between the Tolomeis and Salimbenis in modern-day Siena, and to delve deeper into the origins of the Shakespearean play that Julie already knows by heart.The novel switches between presenting modern-day events from Julie's first-person point of view and narrating the events surrounding the original medieval tale of Romeo and Giulietta. As Julie reads the documents left for her by her mother, she discovers alarming facts - for example, that Romeo and Giulietta were not from feuding families, but that a third man stepped in and caused all of the trouble - and begins to ask questions that might put her in danger if heard by the wrong people.Without a doubt, my favorite parts of the book were when Fortier described modern-day Siena. I've traveled in Italy before (though not to Siena), and her depiction of a city so steeped in history and so connected to its own past both rang true from my experiences of other cities and made me want to visit Siena. I enjoyed Julie's first-person segments of the narrative more than the flashback tale of the original Romeo and Giulietta, where Fortier's attempt to use more time-appropriate language resulted in a strange mishmash of medieval and modern phrasing. I felt much more strongly for the characters in the present of the story than for Fortier's recast Romeo and Giulietta (though I must admit that I never really liked Shakespeare's version, either).The plot twists and turns itself into an impressive labyrinthine structure, but if you're not paying attention, it's possible to get lost. For this reason, I'd recommend this book primarily to readers who've already encountered ROMEO & JULIET, and particularly to those who enjoyed the story but aren't afraid to see it rewritten in some thought-provoking ways.Reviewed by: Candace Cunard

  • JOKO
    2019-04-12 05:18

    Das Debüt der Schriftstellerin Anne Fortier"Julia" hat es in sich.Dieser "Schmöker"hat mich nicht mehr losgelassen, bis ich die letzten Seiten gelesen hatte.Erzählt wird die Geschichte von Romeo und Julia, sowohl in einer der Erstfassungen ,die in der Vergangenheit in Siena spielt, alsauch eine Neuauflage der Geschichte, die in der Jetztzeit ebenfalls in Siena ihre Handlung hat.Die junge Amerikanerin Julia, bekommt von ihrer Tante als Erbe ein kleines Kästchen geschenkt,in dem sich sonderbare Dinge befinden, unter anderem auch ein Tagebuch und Briefe. Julia beschließt nach Siena zu fahren und ihrem Erbe nachzuspüren.Dabei erfährt sie, dass sie eine Nachfahrin der legendären Julia aus Shakespeares "Romeo und Julia" ist.Allerdings wird ihr das Aufspüren ihrer Wurzeln immer wieder schwergemacht, da sie von einer mysteriösen Person verfolgt wird, die anscheinend auch vor kriminellen Handlungen nicht halt macht.Im Laufe ihrer Nachforschungen deckt sie noch manch andere Überraschung auf, die zum Ende hin in einem Showdown endet.Gewürzt wird das Ganze noch durch die dazugehörige Liebesgeschichte, wie es sich für Romeo und Julia gehört.Spannend,mehr als unterhaltsam und temporeich erzählt Anne Fortier ihre Geschichte,die durch immer wieder neue Wendungen im Geschehen den Leser von Anfang bis zum Ende gefangen nimmt. Die Atmosphäre Sienas in der Vergangenheit, aber auch in der Gegenwart wird fantastisch eingefangen und dem Leser so plastisch vermittelt, dass man das Buch nicht mehr aus der Hand legt, bevor man sein Ende erreicht hat.Auch der Schreibstil der Autorin hat mir gefallen, der flüssig und stellenweise sehr humorvoll ist. Nebenher erfährt man noch viel über die Stadt in der Toscana, die man am liebsten gleich aufsuchen möchte, um auf den Spuren Romeo und Julias zu wandeln.Absoluter SCHMÖKERSPASS.

  • meckermaus
    2019-04-08 04:08

    A charming book - an author playing beuatifully with language: Middle Ages is written differently from 21rst century, language is adapted to the characters' way of life. And theere is always that hidden twinkling in the eye.The setting is gorgeous and enthralling, based on careful research and a good knowledge of culture.The plot is quite ingenious, though losing a bit in the end. Ít ends up as a mixture of "Raider of the lost tomb" and "Da Vinci Code". It is probably quite hard to free one's mind from things written and read before.AND: Shakespeare wouldn't like it at all. None the less an absolute pageturner!

  • Caty
    2019-04-14 05:14

    Juliet is a wonderful thrilling story about how Juliet, while looking for a family treasure in Siena, finds in fact a much bigger treasure than she could have imagined- her sweetheart Romeo: "With love’s light wings did I o’er-perch these walls, for stony limits cannot hold love out". But as we all know, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet ends in tragedy- will this story do likewise? You'll have to find out!It is beautifully written and it makes you keep turning the pages!! For everyone who has not read Juliet until now- what are you doing right now? Go and get it!For every romanticist in the world, this book is a must!

  • AmazonKunde
    2019-04-25 06:02

    I absolutely loved this book. I must confess that the first pages didnt really get me but once the story started in Siena (around page 30) I simply couldnt put it down. It is a great mixture of an old story told in a narrative that really takes you back some hundred years and modern today Italy.A great story, really well told! I just wish this author is going to write more!