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Title : No Logo: de strijd tegen de dwang van de wereldmerken : geen ruimte - geen keuze - geen werk
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ISBN : 9056376004
ISBN13 : 978-9056376000
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : Niederländisch
Publisher : Lemniscaat BOV Auflage 01 18 Februar 2004
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No Logo: de strijd tegen de dwang van de wereldmerken : geen ruimte - geen keuze - geen werk Reviews

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-03-15 13:18

    Don't get me wrong. I sympathize with Mrs. Klein.Globalization is many times inhuman (or at least unfair), corporations obsess with profit at any cost, and they permanently elbow themselves into our attention spans via advertising. But...What is this book's main message? It looked to me like a 500-pages long collection of marketing anecdotes. At some point I want to stop reading what Apple, Marlboro and Nike did back in 1986 and want to start reading some proposals for solutions. Or at least a clear criticism--the author's vision on the matter. No: it goes and goes, chapter after chapter, citing things that happened back when.... yawn. Very journalistic, but monotone.Finally I reach a chapter titled "Reclaim the streets". Promising some call to action, maybe? Or some strategic ideas for a new generation of politicians? No. It turns out that it is only 11 pages long, and after them we are again reading about Monsanto, Disney, Wal-Mart, Mattel, Adidas, AT&T... yawn again.In short:this is a book titled "No Logo" that ends up being an incessant and somewhat insufferable parade of brands. It present facts, but it also makes very difficult for the reader to make a synthesis of it all. It is like when you go to a movie and there are so many characters and so many flashbacks, that you don't know what the movie is about anymore, up to a point in which you don't even want to eat your popcorn.

  • Bungus
    2019-03-20 12:15

    Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass ein Buch so aktuell bleiben kann. Auch nach 10 Jahren ist dieses Buch ein spannendes und sehr gut zu lesendes Manifest des Markenwahns, und was dieser uns angetan hat. Das Buch und seine Thesen mögen polarisierend sein, aber für mich geht es um grundlegende Wahrheiten. Die Geschichte gibt Noami Klein recht! Dies wird auch für ihre neuen Bücher gelten!

  • beate sax
    2019-03-05 08:16

    No Logo müssen einfach alle lesen, die sich für Marken und Markenbewusstsein und die Geschichte dieser Entwicklung interessieren. Es ist einfach geschrieben und super verständlich. An manchen Stellen des Buches wird man wirklich überrascht und fängt an, diese enormen Marketingentwicklungen zu verstehen.

  • Paul
    2019-02-28 08:35

    Also ich stimme mit dieser Autorin nicht überein. Sie hat zwar ein paar ganz nette Ansätze, aber ich finde sie übertreibt zu viel und hat unrealistische Lösungsvorschläge.

  • Alex S.
    2019-03-15 07:32

    Das Buch ist ohne frage sehr interessant. Bin momentan bei der Hälfte angekommen und muss aber leider sagen dass die Daten auf dem gleichen Stand wie vor 10 Jahren sind. Bzw. wird sich in dem Buch eigentlich die meiste Zeit auf die 90er bezogen. Trotzdem würde ich es wieder kaufen

  • None
    2019-03-14 14:16

    Especially considering the fact many people in that and neighbouring countries have been at the root of the anti-globalization movements. The most absurd line these ruthless corporations and their sympathizers throw out is that they're actually humanitarians, kindly helping these poor people survive with their high wages. They'll continually tell you (and perhaps believe) that those raising claims against them are poorly informed, overreactionary, or just plain stupid. This of course includes condemning similar complaints from well respected and established human rights watch dog groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch among others. For the work that is moved over seas, these companies lose the problems with labor unions and the local laws in western nations. They also have no pesky minimum wage laws to deal with and get away with paying people absurdly low wages to produce goods they'll NEVER be able to afford to buy themselves (unless the kind bosses decide to give some workers a free pair of shoes for a yearly bonus!) Worker alienation on steroids. Countries don't need the invasion of American corporations and factories, they need fair trade and support. They instead get bullyed around and often put in positions of tremendous debt to western/"global" financial institutions requiring them to have to sell their land, workers, and resources just to pay off the debts and the interest rates. And of course they'll have to use money gathered from taxes to pay of debts as more public services here! So everyone suffers except those in power. This has nothing to do with the world being born into a natural state of eternal starvation in which the US and it's great, humanitarian companies are curing. It has to do with sabotage, greed, and lies. Back at home we see an increase in service, fast food, and buy-things-here type businesses as all of those who once worked with decent wages and belonged to some trade union in the jobs now moved overseas, are now free and desparate to work in humiliating and miserable bottom-rung-of-the-ladder type jobs. They of course have no union support now (well, there is the IWW which many workers are are unaware of unfortunately), and these jobs often start off with low pay and little gaurantee of serious wage increases. Those in power will hope you're dumb enough to believe that no nation in the world is capable of handling itself except the western capitalist nations. They want you to believe our interference is neccessary for their survival and not the reason of their current turmoil. Why would they not want you convinced of such things? It is in their best financial interests to make the greatest profits possible. There is already a good deal of great reviews on here. My comment is an addition to the topics discussed in the book and a response to a serious claim made by a previous "reviewer."

  • None
    2019-03-12 10:11

    The chapter that describes protest actions against McDonalds, Nike and Shell will leave you absolutedly outraged at the arrogance of multi-national corporations. Klein shows the disassociation between brands and manufacture of products has lead to hideous abuses of the environment, workers and freedom of speech, including outright corporate-sponsored murder to silence critics. After reading this book you will feel ashamed to wear clothing that displays brand names, ashamed to shop at branded stores and ashamed to eat at branded restaurants. You will understand why modern anarchists are attacking seeminly harmless franchise outlets. Klein shows that the price you are really paying for cheaper prices and convenience is your rights as a citizen in a democracy.