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The Victim A teenage girl has been brutally murdered on her way home from school The cryptic message all like her is crudely written on her body The Silence The dead girl s friends are deeply shocked and upset, but they all refuse to reveal anything about her last movements Who are they protecting And what do they know The Fear Headstrong Detective Inspector Zo Benedict knows exactly how she wants to work this case But Zo s own dark past, if exposed, may jeopardize the search for justice and destroy her too.Tense, thrilling and brilliantly original, Hanging Hill reveals the evil side of human nature and the terrible things normal people can do...

Title : Hanging Hill
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ISBN : 9780553824346
ISBN13 : 978-0553824346
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Transworld Digital 14 April 2011
Number of Pages : 286 Pages
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Hanging Hill Reviews

  • Norbert Haenisch
    2019-09-08 14:20

    Neue Charaktere, das Schwesternduo bringt neue Aspekte, die letzen 100 Seiten habe ich am Stück gelesen. Nach diesem Ende hofft man auf eine Fortsetzung.

  • James in Berlin
    2019-08-23 12:06

    just doesn't have the impact that other Mo Hayder's have. Keeps you reading, however. And the ending is, of course, the twist in the tale.

  • jaca
    2019-08-21 12:01

    A very good way to while away the time when stuck in London traffic jams. I recommend this book to all Londoners who have to go to work during the Olympics

  • Alfred J. Kwak
    2019-09-05 18:15

    Scary thriller about multiple murders in rural England,Highly addictive thriller about first one, then several murders, then a psychological portrait of two sisters who have had little or no contact for the past 25+ years. Zoë (36) is a police inspector, Sally (35) a cleaner, when a 16-year old girl is found murdered in the ancient English town of Bath. Her killer used lipstick to write a message on her body. Molly, Sally's daughter knew her from school. But she and her friends are not helpful during police investigations. They hide something, even after one of them is arrested as a suspect...This novel has many layers, e.g. about parenting a teenager when divorced and poor, or about trusting new partners. As a police procedural this reader rates it 3 or 4/10. When Zoë's misgivings about the first murder investigation are ignored by her colleagues, she concludes the team has developed tunnel vision. She goes solo, keeps her findings to herself, powers on and discovers linkages to the world of porn production and distribution.Meanwhile, her divorced and heavily-indebted sister Sally is promoted from cleaner to housekeeper of the grossly-designed and -decorated mansion of David Goldrab, a king of porn, who made his initial fortune in Kosovo. He is the reason for the sisters to meet again...As a psychological novel this thriller rates 7 or 8/10. The sisters' life histories are very intriguing indeed. But during the investigations, both Zoë and Sally often act on the basis of false assumptions, make poor decisions and bad choices. What makes this a thriller are the risky break-ins and privacy invasions by the sisters, performed quite independently, and Mo Hayder's awesome powers of descriptions of moods and fears.This reader is currently engrossed and over halfway into "Tokyo", MH's third book, which is an absolutely stunning novel, confirming MH's energy and ability to fuse facts, dreams and ideas into stories with impact.This, her eighth novel is a thriller that twists and turns to a chilling, surprise ending.

  • GJFree
    2019-09-15 19:20

    I was disappointed in this book. I expected a tightly contructed story with a lot of punch. For me the story wasover-laiden with too many sub-plots which obscured the originalcrime. I also had trouble with the characters. Too sketchy,and not really believeable. The two sisters, living in a whatwas described as community where most people knew or knew ofeachother, didn't know what the other was doing. And thatfor about a decade or more ! Hard to fathom. Zoe, the womanwho has worked on the police force for around 18 years (I think), acts like a wild card. Her sister Sally, a quiet, unassertive woman suddenly is capable of horrific acts and amazing deviousness. Somehow didn't ring true. Minor characters are simply 'there'- a few sentences and we are toaccept them as drawn. The best part of the book is the ending.Something was up, but it came as a total surprise. Terrific.Very chilling conclusion. This brought it up to 3 stars.

  • Krimimimi
    2019-09-14 15:01

    Gerne werden andere Autoren nach ihrer Meinung befragt. Ich meine es war Harlan Coben der gesagt hat : "Disturbing".Alright, dies ist in der Tat in einem Wort die treffende Bezeichnung für dieses Werk. Man muss selbst in der sogenannten Weltliteratur lange suchen, bis man ein Buch findet, in dem menschliche Abgründe derart nervenaufreibend und fesselnd beschrieben werden. Dazu sympathische Charaktere und eine verzwickte Geschichte.Das möchte man weiter und weiter lesen. Leider haben es Bücher so an sich, dass sie irgendwann zu Ende sind (dieses Buch allerdings nicht wirklich). Aber Mo Hayder wird sicherlich irgendwann mal wieder ein tolles Buch schreiben. Bei ihr dauert es halt leider ein bisschen länger als bei anderen.

  • J. Schmidhuber
    2019-09-09 11:04

    Mo Hayder's Hanging Hill which exceeded all my expectations, once again!Ever since reading Tokio, I'm constantly waiting for new books of her to be published and admittedly, I was not able to stop reading this one. Hanging Hill includes a huge scenery and many relevant characters which is why I thought it might be confusing to keep up with the story line. However, it worked out perfectly fine. The story is indeed twisted, shocking and stunning from the first to the very last page.If you are craving for another DI Caffery thriller just as I am, this book will not satisfy your hunger but get you even more appetite for her books. A must- read for fans of brainy thrillers which get under your skin.