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Collects Ultimate X Men 2001 1 6 Driven by a dream of peace, Professor X forges his X Men into a strike force capable of defending the Earth from the evil of Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants....

Title : Ultimate X-Men Vol. 1: The Tomorrow People
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Ultimate X-Men Vol. 1: The Tomorrow People Reviews

  • Lawrance Bernabo
    2019-04-07 09:38

    I can appreciate the impulse to push the reset button on long time superhero comic books like "X-Men" and "Spider-Man." After all, we are talking about almost four decades worth of stories, repeated encounters with Magneto and the Green Goblin, each one diluting the potency of the character. Plus, if you go back and read the first dozen episodes of either the original comic book "The Uncanny X-Men" of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby or the new and improved "X-Men" concocted by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum (and then John Byrne), it takes a while for both of those series to hit stride. Writer Mark Millar was given a free reign with this project, but clearly "Ultimate X-Men: The Tomorrow People" was constructed to work whether you came in with issue #1 of Volume 1, Giant-Size X-Men, or Volume 2.I was here for all three, so part of my appreciation for this six-issue story arc from Millar, pencillers Adam & Andy Kubert, and inker Art Thibert (w/Danny Miki) is how they have reconstituted elements from both of the origins. So I remember Quicksilver and the Silver Witch being part of the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants as well as Storm and Colossus being recruited for the international version of the X-Men. Anyhow, here is a list of things I liked about "The Tomorrow People" without spoiling the actual story:I liked the idea that in the beginning the X-Men were just Professor Xavier, Cyclops and Marvel Girl. This reconstitutes the idea that there were always the core of the group. Actually, they would be the heart (Jean Grey), mind (Professor X), and soul (Scott Summers) of the X-Men. Having the Beast and Iceman be part of the second wave is fine with me, as is jettisoning Angel (and Banshee from wave two). You have to have limitations on how many merry mutants are running around in the group. On the other side of the equation Wolverine is now the world's best assassin and is working for Magneto. That is obviously a nice little twist on the tale. The mutant hysteria is in full swing, so that the necessity of all the world's mutants having to pick which side of the coming war they want to be on makes a whole lot of sense. This just underscores the idea that "X-Men" was never just a standard superhero battles supervillain type of comic book.I really appreciate the way the ante has been upped both in terms of the Sentinnels and Magneto. This time around the big purple robots are going around and not just picking up mutants, they are executing them on the spot. But the chief attraction of this sotry arc is Magneto. The original X-Men was one of the few times in the history of Marvel Comics that the first issue of a comic book actually came up with the greatest villain in the history of the entire series. What I liked most about what Millar et al. came up with is the idea that given the powers Magneto has, there can only be one big battle between him and humanity. I mean, with his powers, taking over the world should be relatively easy. Even in the end, he can only be defeated because of an Achilles heel sort of situation. But what really matters here is that this fight is for all the marbles, win or lose, live or die. This is such a big story that I can understand why as long as we are talking rewriting history fans are wishing that this had been the script for the original "X-Men" movie.At the root of these changes and elucidations is, I believe, a commitment to taking the original ideas of the "X-Men" comic books to their logical extremes. That is the principle that leads to encouraging throughts about future issues of "Ultimate X-Men." After all, Wolverine was just a bit player this time around and I can easily see each of the X-Men and various super-villains defining future story arcs. So far I have really enjoyed the various Ultimate trade paperback collections that I have read, mainly because I find them to be both innovative and traditional at the same time.

  • Philip Schwersensky
    2019-03-23 09:14

    Inzwischen ist es ja schon fast unmöglich, bei X-Men den Überblick zu behalten. Es gibt die klassischen Comic X-Men. Es gibt die X-Men aus der Fox Fernsehserie. Es gibt X-Men Evolution, es gibt die X-Men Kinofilme, und nun auch Ultimate X-Men. Alle mit den selben Charakteren, aber doch immer anders.Gerade dieses Durcheinander, speziell in den klassichen Comics, macht Ultimate X-Men jedoch attraktiv, denn hier kann man reinschnuppern ohne sich mit 40 Jahren Historie auseinander setzen zu müssen. Die Charaktere, obwohl noch klar erkennbar, sind aufgefrischt und modernisiert.Die Story, der Konflikt mit dem klassischen X-Men Gegner Magneto, bietet viel Action, zeigt aber auch den grundlegenden philosophischen Ansatz der Comics (Toleranz vs. Rassismus), der in dem ganzen Getümmel nicht verloren geht. Und auch die menschliche Komponente geht nicht verloren. Sei es die Dreiecks-Beziehung Marvel Girl - Wolverine - Cyclops oder die grundsätzliche Frage, ob es überhaupt Sinn macht den Helden zu spielen für eine Welt, die einen am liebsten tot sehen würde.Komplexe Story, viel Action, gute Zeichnungen, und klassische Charaktere in neuem Gewand. Gut. Einen Stern Abzug gibt es nur dafür, dass mir einige der Charaktere (u.a. Professor X) ein wenig zu arrogant und überlegen daher kommen. Ansonsten aber eine klare Kaufempfehlung.

  • Joey
    2019-03-23 11:26

    I can't tell if it's actually good, or if im just nostalgic. It's VERY early 2000s. It was post X-Men movies, so that heavily influences the tone. As Miller said in an interview, it wasn't competing with cartoon network, it was completing with Buffy. It has that teenage action drama thing going on. It's interesting to read from a political lens, bc it's pretty anti bush/ anti-war. Way more death in this comic than in recent marvel comics, which i like, because whats the point of getting attached to characters if there's no risk of losing them. This was when marvel was trying to be edgier, which was in at the time. IT's also just fun to see all of the super 2000s references

  • Ly15
    2019-04-12 12:34

    Ultimate X-Men, The Tomorrow People (the name of an old Nickelodean show by the way) is the ushering in of a rebirth of possibly the biggest comic book franchise of all time.The plot see's the US goverment enforcing a Sentinal protocol that eliminates all mutants. Charles Xavier sends Jean Gray on a scouting mission to find mutatants with powerful abilities to help launch a positive face on mutankind before Magneto and his brotherhood of mutants can provoke an all out war.The book is packed full of action though I find the pace to be a little too fast at times. I did have some issue's with how Cyclops in the blink of an eye changes sides only to end up on the other end of the field again without any real emotion being breathed into it.I found the idea of Wolverine being magneto's hired assasin brilliant,but sadly I think almost everything else done with Wolverine in this reboot falters.Ultimate X-Men The Tomorrow People is a great and promising relaunch for the comic book in general but it's not without its flaws.

  • Blackdog
    2019-04-05 09:26

    This is one of the first comics i have bought on the kindle fire format. I enjoyed it a lot . I grew up on paper comics from the 50s and 60s.wish I had kept them they would be worth a lot of money now! I noticed a lot of changes, the new comic pictures look more like movie stills, the colors are more vibrant, and have a more blended less poster / cartoonish look to them. the only problem i had was reading some of the print - but im an old guy abd my eves are not as sharp as they used to be- up dating to a kindle 8.9 or a 10.1 galaxy should eliminate that that problem. Using the expanded frame feature was a big help but i have an original kindle fire,so its time to upgrade!

  • Ell & peach
    2019-03-29 06:33

    This was one of the first comic series I ever read, so I'm biased when I say I like it. It's one of the instances where marvel decides to restart the main titles so you get more modern takes on origins and different plots.

    2019-04-05 07:24

    if ur a fan of x-men, the start of the ultimate universe back 10 years ago & love mark millar, then u will simply like-love this Trade Paper back, no not a graphic novel, because that would imply a newly written & drawn story,NOT. It;s reruns of x amount of reg monthly comicbooks { we real hobbist dont callem comi magazines}