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Set in Greece amongst the tavernas and olive trees, The Art of Becoming Homeless is a sun soaked tale of love and letting go as one woman throws caution to the wind in search of true happiness Little does she know that in two short days, an unforeseen incident will change her life forever.Responsible, hardworking and always making the right choice in life, Michelle lives a successful life working long hours in London But an underlying sense of unease leads her to question her choices, so when Michelles firm offer to send her to Athens for a weeks work, she jumps at the chance.Greek Villager Dino has just completed a degree in England only to realise his heart will always be in Greece Having thrown in his job and in need of some courage to face his father to the break the news, Dino heads out to visit friends on a nearby island.With a few days to herself before her case begins in Athens, Michelle decides to squeeze in a sun filled weekend on the same island But a tragic accident throws everything into chaos, and what starts out as a boat journey promising brief escape for both Michelle and Dino turns out to be a life changing encounter.Will Michelle go back to city life in London, or will the carefree woman she has now discovered within allow her to break her own rules Will her heart stay in Greece What would YOU do...

Title : The Art of Becoming Homeless (The Greek Island Series Book 2) (English Edition)
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Publisher : Oneiro 13 November 2013
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The Art of Becoming Homeless (The Greek Island Series Book 2) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-09-03 00:54

    I can almost feel the heat of that sunny greek island. Sara Alexi's way of describing a situation or a place is so lively (lebendig) that you are sucked immediately into the story. Her characters are so often wise and gentle - you have to love them .

  • 1Barkeep
    2019-09-16 02:00

    This author is really hit or miss. Loved 1st book, now on book 5, some good, some terrible. This story has no action, nothing hardly ever happens. Just endless musing of thoughts in their brain by 2 main characters, chapter after chapter. Nothing but endless description of their thoughts or lengthy descriptions of island details that have not much to do with a plot either. She did fall down a cliff with a donkey once though. Incredibly boring.

  • 100meows
    2019-09-01 00:02

    One of the most unorganized writing i have ever tried to read. I almost gave up at times.The writing does not follow a linear path, it jumps around in concepts and mood, similar to the experience of listening to someone who has untreated ADD.When there is a scene change, there should be more space separating the paragraphs. Otherwise it reads like stream of consciousness.The story? Slow, implausible, maddening but the real star of the book is the setting.I can not in good conscious recommend this book, but it did make me want to go to Greece.

  • Reads4fun
    2019-08-29 01:44

    This is the 5th in Ms. Alexi's Greek series. In this one, Michelle is visiting Greece for a business consultation when a chance encounter to one of the islands has her meeting up with Dino, a young man whom she had met once before. What ensues is an older woman/younger man romance, he being half her age. I've read 3 in this series, and still find the first to be the best. The books amble along with no hurry to go anywhere and this one is certainly no different. The premise is that Greece is all about love, family, and doing what makes you happy rather than what will make you wealthy. The scenery and beauty of the Greek islands will certainly charm you, but I found the relationship to be a bit awkward due to the extreme age difference.

  • CINDY F.
    2019-09-09 02:46

    I didn't find this book all that interesting or believable. It started out fine, but I think...for me anyway...there were too time spent on describing the scenery. I know that in any good story you need some so the readers can picture the setting in their own minds, but this went went above and beyond what the readers need. There were also quite a few grammar errors and spelling errors, and it sort of ruined the flow for me.And as another reviewer stated previously: "What annoys me most, not only in this book but in the previous ones too, is that there is way too much internal dialogue. I don't need to know the hero's or heroine's every thought and rumination. I am quite capable of filling in the blanks myself. A good writer tells more by writing less, leaving space for the reader's imagination."And I have to agree with her on all points. For me this is a big turn off. I have a good imaginary mind, so why not let me make my own assumptions?

  • Alicia H.
    2019-08-26 00:38

    As I have read these books out of order, I was happy to learn of events that led to some that occurred in book 8! I'm not sure that the relationship that occurs in this book is realistic in my mind,but it happens every day! The author describes the character's thoughts beautifully and the villages with such detail.Who hasn't thought of moving away from the 9-5 world of a big city? Trying to decide if small village life with simple needs is attractive to you? I have been to Greece before and I am yearning to go find these places now! I have gone back and started to read the books in order and really can't wait for the next as I finish each one.I have said in a previous review, these stories would make a wonderful movie!