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A heartless man abducted me He treats me like his plaything, but I suspect I mean to him than idle amusement He wants to make me his The monster needs me.Trapped in the dark, I m coming to need him He sets my body on fire, and his touch is a tender mercy.Maybe he s not heartless, after all....

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Mentor (English Edition) Reviews

  • Bianca Flier
    2019-04-17 05:51

    Eine eher unglaubwürdige Geschichte von einer Frau, die von einem Psychopathen entführt wird, sich trotz brutalster Behandlung in ihn verliebt und jahrzehntelang unter dem Stockholm-Syndrom leidet, auch nachdem sie längst befreit wurde und einen anderen geheiratet hat. Nicht das, was ich unter einer schönen erotischen Story verstehe.Tipp für BDSMer: Noncon, kein ssc.

  • Sweety
    2019-04-22 05:04

    It's a really dark Story, sometimes not very convincing. After having read the previous bokks of that series I'm a Little disappointed. The warning not to buy the book when you can't stand that Kind of abuse comes a little late: in the introduction of the book, after having bought it. That's a pity.

  • RedRedtheycallmeRed
    2019-03-31 07:52

    I read "Knight" awhile back and just started "Master", but I decided to stop and read this one first since it falls in between. My mistake, this was too twisted for me. I felt like I was reading torture porn. And the end was just really disturbing, did she not get any therapy at all in the last 35 years? Yuck.I really hope that "Master" ends with him being tortured to death or at the very least eating a bullet.

  • Sarah G
    2019-04-04 08:08

    I don't even know where to begin.... I have so many emotions. I have been reading this series and when I found Mentor I was far from enthusiastic. I was thinking "who wants to read his twisted story?". OMG!! This was such an emotional intense book This series is original & addicting. I want to say more but don't want to spoil anything. Julia Sykes I am truly addicting!** side note... I was on the fence about reading this one but the reviews were all amazing and I am so glad I did.

  • JAlabama
    2019-04-27 04:56

    I can't say enough about Julia Sykes and this series. I am all caught up and will be taking a short break to read something a little more uplifting, just so that I can remind myself that there is good out in the world too. But I can't wait to read other books outside of this series from this author to see if her true brilliance shines through with other characters and storylines.As stated in other reviews, all of her books in this series can be read as stand-alones. But one of the things that Sykes does so well that a lot of other authors miss when incorporating characters into multiple books is she doesn't leave you hanging about what is going on with the other characters' lives. There is just enough that if you have read the previous books, you are pleased to see what is going on with them (like running into a friend you don't see on a regular basis and catching up on how life is going for them) but there's not so much that you are completely lost. And a lot of authors introduce the characters for the next book in the series in a book, then move on to the book that centers around those characters and completely abandon the original ones. That leaves a lack of cohesiveness that is never missing is this series. That is why I would recommend you read the series in its entirety.Now on to this book specifically...The only thing that I can say is UNBELIEVABLE!!! This was such an emotionally intense book. You are getting to the mind of a truly evil person. And you are watching how a strong woman can be broken and lost at the hands of pure evil. The Mentor is damaged and a sociopath. Interestingly enough, though, he knows this about himself and embraces it. He kidnaps Kathleen and the story is told mostly from her POV, but there is a double narrative to this book as well. This lets us see into the mind of the Mentor some. That element adds a TON to the emotional pull of this book. You are seeing him think through how to be more evil. It is twisted and it pulls at you as a reader. Kathleen is abducted. She's confined to the basement, strapped to a bed and made to become codependent on her capture.This is a very dark story and there is rape and abuse. Even what Katleen views as tenderness is very abusive in and of itself because of the position that she is in as his captive. It is not for the faint at heart. It is extremely gut wrenching to watch Kathleen lose herself one question at a time. And the ending is completely surprising. And completely unsatisfying. And completely appropriate. I, as the reader, was left in a mental state of really not knowing where to go from there...not sure how to move forward with the knowledge that I now had. It was very unsettling. But the subject matter of this book and the way that it plays out in front of you should leave anyone that reads it unsettled. Sykes did a brilliant job of capturing those raw, gut-wrenching emotions from the characters and that left me as a reader feeling raw and exposed when I was finished.This series is original & addicting. Julia steps up the game with each and every book in this series. There’s something about Julia Sykes’ writing. I love every single word of it, while at the same time the darker books challenge my level of comfort and leave me questioning my mental stability in wanting to continue to read this story. The suspense elements of her books are as intriguing and satisfying as the sexual scenes. It is a perfect marriage of the two. And I would highly recommend this book to seasoned BDSM and crime novel readers.

  • Alana
    2019-04-18 05:56

    This is a dark novel. It gives pause to reflect on an important question about sex, abuse, the migration interpersonal relations and love or lack thereof. Certainly an excellent book to read. Since each person has a different reference point the book allows us to fully exercise these questions. It is a book ripe with so many important questions don't miss it.

  • Tanya
    2019-04-18 06:08

    Even though this book is part of the Impossible Series it can be read as a standalone. This book talked about the Mentor and what he was and in the next book we will learn his identity and I can't wait for that. The Mentor is damaged and a sociopath. He kidnaps Kathleen and the story is told from her POV. This is a very dark story and there is rape and abuse. I am addicted to this series and can't wait to start Master the next book in the Impossible Series.