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In search of the magical key the young boy Ti encounters many exciting adventures Together with his friend, a 95 years old sea turtle, they travel to breathtaking beaches and mysterious places This thrilling journey leads them to an abandoned town where another riddle awaits them.A wonderful story about friendship, courage and happiness, with images that make you want to pack your travel bag....

Title : TI AND THE MAGICAL KEY: How it all began (English Edition)
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TI AND THE MAGICAL KEY: How it all began (English Edition) Reviews

  • Karen O.
    2019-09-21 02:41

    With Ti and the Magical Key: How it all began, Dana Popov and Marc Evans have created a suspenseful story of a young boy ordered to search the magical key. Ti and his new friend are believable and lovingly described; if you were not a turtle fan before - you might become one, now. It is a great story about friendship, suitable for children aged 6+. The story has a very pleasant flow, cute drawings assisting the plot line. Ti and the Magical Key: How it all began is a very enjoyable read - not only for children.This is for you and/or your children if you like children's adventures and/or folk tales with a slightly educational touch.Highly recommended.

  • Daniel H.
    2019-08-25 01:07

    Wunderschöne Illustrationen und eine spannende Geschichte.Man merkt, mit wieviel Liebe und Enthusiasmus die Autoren an dem Buch gearbeitet haben.Ti and the Magical Key ist ein absolutes Muss für den Bücherschrank. Für Kinder und Erwachsene!

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-08-24 02:58

    I have been trying to find a way to get my 10 year old grandson to read more books online than play games. While surfing through the many books online I found Ti and the Magical Key:How it all began. I could not have asked for a better response from my grandson and his little brother, who is two, the illustrations alone had them mesmerized from the beginning of the journey that Ti took with his turtle friend till the end of the first book. They are now looking forward to the next installment which I must now buy for them. Thank you for such a wonderfully illustrated book filled with adventure and lessons based on cooperation and love of ancestry.

  • J. Reichert
    2019-09-12 23:03

    It isn't often that we are able to find a book that keeps our children's complete attention throughout, that paints a beautiful story with its colorful imagery and at the same time, secretly educates the readers with history. But we found these things in this book. Ti and the Magical Key is a fun read, with characters who my son is still talking about long after the book was finished.We can't wait for the next book!

  • mary likes to read
    2019-09-01 23:02

    This is such a smart story for kids. The mix between facts and fiction with a touch of education is presented extremely entertaining and the story flows well. The characters are beautifully illustrated and the images make you dive into the magical world of the Mayans. My daughter couldn't put the book away until she finished it and said 'I want to know what happens next'. And honestly I want to know it too.

  • ED
    2019-09-03 03:37

    We absolutely love this book !!! It is extremely exciting for a kids book... I can't wait to find out what happens to be honest. the story's plot is in Mexico and it even goes to the different temples, so it educational, and there are seeds of other life lessons for the kids and or interesting information, like that the dolphin is one of the smarts mammals on the planet. It's a fun kids book, and worked for this dad !

  • Tedric Garrison
    2019-09-02 22:42

    The magic is in the story, but the illustrations are beyond description. This book is beautiful. It seems to catch the attention of even those who can not read yet. The children sit and listen but look so intently at the pictures that you KNOW the journey has begun in their young minds. In the tradition of Harry Potter; but from a whole other part of the world, this book will make your children enjoy reading.