Read Climbing Kilimanjaro: How to plan, prepare and SUCCESSFULLY climb the world’s tallest free standing mountain. (Kilimanjaro series Book 1) (English Edition) by Aristarick Benard Online


If you are planning a climb up Kilimanjaro, then you are in for a real treat.However, being the World s tallest free standing mountain brings its own challenges for which you MUST be prepared If you take this trip lightly, then you will fail, get injured or even die.At 19,320ft, she will challenge you every step of the way but that effort will be worth it provided you do it safely and that mens getting prepared.This book Climbing Kilimanjaro will give you a simple background of the beautiful Country Tanzania, the Region and the Mountain itself It highlights the importance of preparation and goes through each route in detail separately It highlights the differences in length and difficulty, helping you to make your decisions at home.It also talks about other aspects of Tanzania like Safari s, which are definately worth seeking out.Good luck on your expedition and be safe...

Title : Climbing Kilimanjaro: How to plan, prepare and SUCCESSFULLY climb the world’s tallest free standing mountain. (Kilimanjaro series Book 1) (English Edition)
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Climbing Kilimanjaro: How to plan, prepare and SUCCESSFULLY climb the world’s tallest free standing mountain. (Kilimanjaro series Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Daniel S.
    2019-08-08 00:59

    Das ganze Buch gibt eine gute Vorahnung von dem, was einem bevorsteht!! Ich kann es empfehlen! Rauf und runter als Empfehlung und im Detail geschrieben!

  • Giliath
    2019-08-05 21:52

    Very disappointing. Only 80 pages long most of the information was about terrible things that could happen and how to deal with them. There was nothing practical or personal in this book. I already knew which route I was taking so I didn't need those 20 pages I don't expect to have a heart condition or disjointed limbs so I didn't need that section. I don't really care about the wildlife or I would have gotten a book from the Audubon Society. I wanted practical advice for what to bring and what to expect. Incidentally, telling people to train 4 hours add a 2 to 3 times a week is absurd. Anyone who is working does not have 4 hours two to three times a week to go hiking for 4 hours.

  • William Wiggins
    2019-08-14 18:50

    No time to read it yet. Looks like a well researched book. With sound advice and a realistic approach to get to the summit.

  • F. Thomas D. Kaplan
    2019-08-02 19:54

    Gives highlights from an experienced guide. Found it worth the cost and would recommend. Great for quick read on airplane

  • Anita Drost
    2019-07-21 19:03

    Very nice first attempt from one of the best mountain guides I have ever met. Short and informative, good reading before the climb.

  • Salvatore Battinelli
    2019-08-18 22:52

    I expected a more comprehensive and detailed explanation of the climb, including detailed maps. The book is more of a tease than practical, the photos are poorly done and their aren't any maps, a vital part of any guide book, giving the idea this book was done in one sitting and no proofing many typos, makes it hard to believe someone would use this for accurate information when the authors don't take enough time to get the story correct. Cannot believe these authors would hand this to a friend and think they are doing them a favor, not.This book needs more flesh and information, more names of vendors and which guides are the best, real and practical information etc. I would never recommend this as required reading for someone contemplating a climb, too sketchy. Not worth the time nor money, but I am sure they authors could do a great job if they would look at other guide books and applied their knowledge to the next edition and include clear color photographs, in this day and age, color is normal, this isn't an art book......sorry for the harsh report, I was expecting more from experienced climbers.