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Title : Beginning ASP.NET 4: in C# and VB 1st edition by Spaanjaars, Imar (2010) Taschenbuch
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Beginning ASP.NET 4: in C# and VB 1st edition by Spaanjaars, Imar (2010) Taschenbuch Reviews

  • S. Schloer
    2019-08-10 21:06

    Hallo,ich habe die Kindle Version und kann damit nur wenig anfangen, es fehlen oft ganze Zeilen an Text in den grauen Boxen, darunter teilweise auch Code der zum Verständnis sehr wichtig wäre.Dann gibt es noch das Phänomen, dass auf dem Android Reader am Tablet beim blättern an vielen Stellen immer wieder die gleiche Seite angezeigt wird anstatt der nächsten.Man muss dann springen und mit viel Glück trifft man die richtige Seite. Das passiert ca. alle 50 Seiten.Ich muss es auf dem Tablet lesen da das Kindle selbst für Fachbücher ungeeignet ist wegen dem zu kleinen Display.

  • James PJ
    2019-08-12 20:46

    Author Imar Spaanjaars in the Acknowledgement section of this book writes: "I really enjoyed writing this book." Spaanjaars has done a splendid, meticulous job and you can tell he really enjoys his work. The challenge of this type of technical writing is to provide readers instruction for a development environment (graphical user interface) while integrating external objects, new techniques and languages within that development environment. Jaanspaars like Ben Forta (ColdFusion 9 Web Application Development) has mastered this kind of instruction and others should take notice. There are detailed explanations, "TRY IT OUT" exercises and "How it Works" sections to explain code concepts so it all makes sequential sense. All "hard" programming examples are bilingual in that Spaanjaars provides C# AND Visual Basic code. The book does an excellent job of introducing you to Microsoft Visual Studio via (free download) Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express. You are guided step by step through Visual Web Developer's many intricate and useful tools. I come from the days of Allaire ColdFusion and now feel the need for ASP.NET. If you are experienced, you will appreciate how the ASP.NET 4 state engine maintains state and realize the potential. If you are a beginner, this book provides you with the basic tools you need from HTML, cascading style sheets, XML, AJAX, C#, Visual Basic all the way to the class(y) basics of object oriented programming.

  • Sparkies
    2019-07-22 22:02

    I have been for a while trying to find a book to learn ASP.NET. I have tried different ones and even videos online but never felt I was either learning or there was a right or easy way to learn.After reading previous reviews, I took my chances and bought the book. I have no software programming experience whatsoever. However, this has been the best book to learn ASP.NET I have found so far. It is well written and VERY easy to use. It explains the how's and the why's. It presents in a very easy language everything you need to know. It takes you every step of the way from the most simple things to the most complicated ones.Before reading it, I was a little bit worried as I had been reading books about ASP.NET from previous versions and I didn't know what to expect from it. It was a relief to see how easy to understand the book is and how it starts from the most basic things that any software programmer needs to know.This book is AMAZING. I love it!!!! I highly recommend it.If you are the kind of person would like to take the ASP.NET bull by the horns, you should read this book!

  • Mark D. Schaeffer
    2019-07-26 20:42

    I'm an experienced software developer, but knew nothing about .net and C#, and very little javascript. I'm very demanding, and have red my fair share of technical books, most of which are lousy. This book was so easy to follow, the examples were complete, yet simple, and required no advanced knowledge. And many of them were small demos which didn't require the previous demos to build upon. I was able to go through this book in about a week, and actually be productive looking at .net projects, making small changes, etc. Now the rest of it is just practice. This book was quite dense with useful information, so it's hard to get through it in big jam sessions because you need to take frequent breaks. I wish it described a little bit more background on the differences between client and server side activities, but this information was covered throughout the various exercises.The coverage was very complete and went over all the things you need to know to build a complete application - installing the tools, developing the web pages, web templates, C# (and VB which I didn't do), javascript, ajax, SQL Server, jquery, and various other topics. Also described was the details of what's going on under the cover.I thought I would have to get several books to cover all the topics, but this pretty much did it. Well done!

  • RedDevilMutt
    2019-08-19 02:40

    For my needs, Imar is the perfect author. I'm strong on software development concepts and design but weak on coding skills as I've not done any coding in several years. I also needed to come up to speed on newer Microsoft technologies. Plus, I wanted to get started quickly on a web site that I'm committed to producing.From my POV, Imar scored 100% in every category of my needs. His combination of anticipating what a beginner needs along with his outstanding attention to detail deserves high praise. I'm moving along with my project now and often need more in-depth resources for specific technologies; however, I still come back to this book to get properly oriented and started on the issue at hand.Also, Imar's willingness to help with questions on the WROX message board goes far beyond the usual level of support from an author of a technical book. I can only wish that other authors would use Imar's book, his attention to detail, and his level of support as a publication standard. I can find no fault with this book.