Read Developing Web Widget with HTML, CSS, JSON and AJAX: A Complete Guide to Web Widget by Rajesh Lal (2010-03-11) by Rajesh Lal;Lakshmi C Chava Online

Title : Developing Web Widget with HTML, CSS, JSON and AJAX: A Complete Guide to Web Widget by Rajesh Lal (2010-03-11)
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Developing Web Widget with HTML, CSS, JSON and AJAX: A Complete Guide to Web Widget by Rajesh Lal (2010-03-11) Reviews

  • Bene
    2019-07-26 17:51

    Ich war auf der Suche nach einem Buch zum Thema "Web Widgets" und dieses Buch ist das einzige das ich gefunden habe.Die Stärken des Buches:- Ich hatte über das ganze Buch das Gefühl, dass die Autoren wirkliche Experten auf diesem Gebiet sind- Die Inhalte gehen in die Tiefe- Es werden nicht nur technische Aspekte behandelt, so findet sich im Anhang: "Understanding Business Model of Web Widget"- Codebeispiele auf der dazugehörigen Webseite [...]Die Schwächen:- Das Buch wirkt unfertig und es scheint mir als ob kein einziges Mal Korrektur gelesen wurde. Ich hatte selten ein formell/sprachlich so schlechtes Buch in der Hand.Da für mich die Inhalte wesentlich wichtiger ist, kann ich die sprachlichen Schwächen verzeihen und gebe trotzdem 5 Sterne.

  • Agi
    2019-08-02 17:59

    I was pidgeon holed by my company to write our first web widget, despite not being a web developer. I didn't even know that "widget" had any actual meaning.In my research I ran across this book, though I decided to not buy it initially; betting I could find everything I needed on the web. Unfortunately after trying for a couple of weeks, there were a few nit picky details I just couldn't figure out, so I bought this book.Before I was half way through the book, I was able to have a beta of the web widget my company wanted.Like other's have said, there are some glaring edit problems in the book. The first one that slams you in the face is the chapter index at the start of the book. *shakes head* Others are in code samples where, a single line in the middle of the code region just doesn't line up.Though errors like these suggest that the book was just thrown together, the knowledge contained within is accurate and helpful.

  • M. Abdulla
    2019-08-14 21:46

    Very brief. Presentation slides. No in-depth coverage

  • Greenbloody
    2019-07-20 22:59

    Why I do not think this is a good tech book:1)[lack of content]: The title seems a little contrived when I noticed the book is almost content-free for the first 100 pages before the HelloWorld example begins. Full of buzz-words but not a lot of solid technical content.2)[No Index]: This is the first time I have seen a tech book without an index at the end of the book. I am completely amazed that in this day and age (21st Century) a publisher would allow a tech book to be published without an index.3)[Publisher]: Speaking of the publisher, this book has no edition, no date of print, no publisher information. I was half expecting it to be without an ISBN number. Almost look like the book was shipped from a 3rd world planet or something.In short, I would save my money and head to the O'Reilly section to shop for tech books. I am most unamused by this book; especially, the tech contents.

  • ColoCustomer
    2019-07-24 18:12

    I think this book is self-published as it has no copyright and no index. The lack of the copyright doesn't matter but the lack of an index makes it very hard to find anything.What's worse is that this is it's badly written. Clearly this was just written and printed - no technical review and no editor. You're getting the first draft of the book which makes it difficult and painful to read.For the first time in 5 years I'm returning a book.

  • Joao Salisso
    2019-08-02 23:51

    Kind of disappointed with the book. Lack of good examples.