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Title : Enyo: Up and Running: Build Native-Quality Cross-Platform JavaScript Apps by Roy Sutton (2015-01-30)
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Enyo: Up and Running: Build Native-Quality Cross-Platform JavaScript Apps by Roy Sutton (2015-01-30) Reviews

  • Hauke Wesselmann
    2019-08-24 18:11

    When EnyoJS was released as an open source solution, I was keen to find out what one could do with it - I am a Palm webOS user from day one, but not a JS developer. I was happy to find this book as it gives a good introduction and is full of samples which you can try online immediately. It is fun to read and shows all the basic an some advanced concepts of the EnyoJS library - an excellent point to start with Enyo.This book does exactly what the title promises: it gets you up and running with Enyo!

  • Lars
    2019-08-27 16:50

    Als ich das Buch kaufte dachte ich, dass meine Fragen hierin beantwortet werden. Leider ist das Buch so oberflächlich und rudimentär, dass man denken könnte, dass der Autor selber keine oder nur minimale Erfahrungen mit enyo hat.Die Informationen von der Webseite sind viel ausführlicher. Die Beispiele, die enthalten sind, sind nicht für eine Anwendung geeignet.Das Geld für dieses Buch kann man sich sparen.

  • Christian Glahn
    2019-09-13 18:58

    I expected to get a book that was entry level, this wasn't it.You should understand Java / Javascript before diving into this.

  • Steven H
    2019-08-18 15:10

    I have experience working with Enyo and wasn't sure how informative the book would be but I was still able to pick up some tips. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn Enyo.

  • allclone
    2019-09-14 19:03

    Book Covers the fundamentals of EnyoJS framework and OO based Javascript. The first few chapters have a small amount of humor that any developer in a busy work cycle can relate with.

  • Krisztian
    2019-09-09 12:55

    Great book to get you up to speed with the enyo framework.

  • Zigurd Mednieks
    2019-08-27 13:01

    One of the problems with developing Web-based mobile applications is the near-infinite set of choices for frameworks, with a variety of goals and purposes. Without sampling a few of them it can be difficult to decide which is right for your project. This book is an excellent way to get up to speed quickly on Enyo.Enyo is a framework that was developed by Palm for WebOS, and it subsequently became an open source project supported by LG Electronics for use in their TVs and other products, as well as for use by anyone as an OS-independent framework for mobile apps. It is a good choice for apps that need a Web framework that was designed to provide consistent UI for a family of standard apps that come with a device, as well as 3rd party apps. Enyo isn't about mimicking iOS or Android native apps. Enyo is also an object-oriented framework, which is another aspect of Enyo that needs to be sampled before you decide to use it for your app development.Enyo: Up and Running is, like Enyo itself, concise, fast, and focused. The author works at LG on developer relations, so the information in this book is authoritative and up to date.