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COLLARED AND CAGED, HIS HUMAN SLAVE AWAITS HER TRAININGZander, the alien warrior prince intent on recovering his planet, needs a mate While he would never choose a human of his own accord, his physician s gene matching program selected Lamira s DNA as the best possible match with his own Now he must teach the beautiful slave to yield to his will, accept his discipline and learn to serve him as her one true master.Lamira has hidden her claircognizance from the Ocretions, as aberrant traits in human slaves are punished by death When she s bought by a Zandian prince for breeding and kept by his side at all times, she finds it increasingly harder to hide His humiliating punishments and dominance awake a powerful lust in her, which he tracks with a monitoring device on her arousal rate But when she begins to care for the huge, demanding alien, she must choose between preserving her own life and revealing her secret to save his.Devour the first steamy stand alone romance in USA Today Bestselling Author Renee Rose s Zandian Masters series.Publisher s Notes TW His Human Slave is a DARK romance If the capture fantasy bothers you, do not read or review this book This book was originally included in the box set Human Surrender....

Title : His Human Slave: An Alien Warrior Romance (Zandian Masters Book 1) (English Edition)
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His Human Slave: An Alien Warrior Romance (Zandian Masters Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Kindle-Kunde
    2019-08-13 22:49

    you will throw up in your mouth after page...5? Okay 10. This genre is not high literature, but it can be more than: oh, I am an intelligent womann, suddenly his slave, he is violating me, ups I like, bam I am doing all he wants and just don't know why. The internal development of both heroines is as fake and painful, as the dialogues. His: she's trash, I like her smile, is this love my pet? - hers, I already told. It has nothing to do with bdsm - no trust, no boundaries and not even the slightest idea of the master, that she is more than a lying animal, its a parody (or just for slaves - not sure there) ! Waste of time and money - worst part? I like other books from this author! The storyline in general is absolutely ok, dying species, royal in need of breeding, human breeder / slave... rest - I don't get it.

  • Goldencat
    2019-07-28 20:59

    First off, I will agree that the writing is very good.Too many incompetent, undeveloped writers on Kindle, but then it's a great venue to get established and gain valuable experience. That's why we get previews and sample the promo books, to see if we like the author's voice and subject matter. Can't kvetch about that.I read the book with the 3 mates and the human medic first...that was okay. I could deal with purple warriors with a spanking fetish, so long as they aren't Dom-Jerks, or sadistic. They were decent guys apart from that ... and it kept to a forgivable level. Punishment stayed as dues earned, and play-punishment was agreeable to both parties.THIS book, though, SIGH.Had I read it first, I would not have bought any more novels in the series.Don't get me wrong, I don't mind scenes where there's some good-natured domination, or a mate acting on his female's desires to be spanked or whatever (as long as it isn't disrespectful or damaging).See: Grace Goodwin's 'Taken By Her Mates' or other stories featuring Prillon Warriors, or Atlans, for another (balanced) approach to sexualized spanking and other hot encounters - where it's not the 'main thing' for kinky.Likes:Zander is of course, an attractive alpha male, as one expects of a prince in a romance novel.They do get along after a bad start, and have a HEA.The martial arts instructor Seke, seems cool. (hesitant to try his book with the BDSM training of heroine's mother! His mate to be.)Dislikes:Main kink in the story is corporal punishment, from strap to cane, sometimes with recipient suspended and wrongly accused.UGH!!!!Caging too.Zander's personality - out of touch with what feelings ARE, and unclear what ones he or she have.Zander (understandably at first) treats the Human, Lamira, as a lower form of life, as his breeder slave.It's not too clear, since the mating ritual is omitted at the end (!) that he sees her as more an equal partner by then.(scene available from author's website)The first breeding is callous of her known virginity - unforgivable.The first breeding is bound and forced ... basically raping his slave!DOUBLE UGH!!!! Nauseating.He beats her for biting his finger - 'bad slave'. UGH.And thenlater in the tale, he wrongly accuses her of trying to escape and being unfaithful - SERIOUSLY straps her body, not just butt.UGH!!! Jerk-Dom Alert!He's pathological, not romantic, even though he loves her in his warped way by the end.I guess she's and 'enabler' since she is turned on by dominance and moderately severe bondage and loves him, too.(That's common when 2 people with mental issues play off one another....sigh.)Conclusion: if you're into punishment for it's own sake, then go for it. It's not a cuddly romance at all.Scary, IMO, since some women allow themselves to be handled harshly and rationalize it, confusing dependence and lust with love. They refuse to seek a healthier relationship. Not a pleasant fantasy...again, I know those with this paraphilia will disagree. BUT it's hard to argue love and respect when someone is basically an abusive narcissist with dominance issues.Try: Grace Goodwin, Interstellar Brides series, for balanced love and interspersal of appropriate, fair, punishments with any of the alien species (4) portrayed - or for serious punishment D/s relationship romance, Jaye Peaches.

  • Rhonda Hicks
    2019-07-21 02:01

    For the most part, the description of the book sums up the storyline quite well. Once again, Renee Rose has created a cohesive storyline with characters full of emotions and personality which hold your interest and leave you wanting more. Before starting the book beware, if you don't already know the author's work, there are some BDSM scenes so if spanking is not your kink, then look away. Otherwise, expect to be titillated with it.

  • BJaye
    2019-08-11 02:08

    Humans have been subjugated by other species. Zandians lost their planet, but still rule what's left of their people, by getting sanctuary with the species that took over Earth and use humans as slaves for themselves or sell them to others. Prince Zander is the last Royal from his lost planet, and somehow almost all of the other refugees are male. The Zandian doctor finds Lamina, a human woman in slavery through some type of computer matching. The hope is that Prince Zander and his new breeder slave will be able to procreate, to keep his species from extinction. Zander is fairly abusive, has a sharp temper, and doesn't trust Lamina because he's been told all humans are liars. Lamina has a type of clairvoyance and gets peeks of the future or knows things about others. So, there is lots of tension, accusations and distrust between Master and slave. Zander's way of dealing with this is spanking Lamina or worse, but he is into punishment. Lamina turns out to be a submissive who gets off on being spanked and being dominated. Eventually they start having feeling for each other. You'll have to read the book to find out how they work things out and any adventures they have. I think that liking this book depends on how you feel about the rough sketch of Zander and Lamira's interactions & personalities. The world built for the story is very contained, there isn't much out of this world science explained, and most of the story is about Lamira and Zander's relationship. Overall I enjoyed the story, though some things could have been better or gone deeper. There were a number of hints to lead into stories following this one also.

  • Cynthia Stevens
    2019-08-03 20:58

    I have to say that this author is a new author for me.While a kinky book, has a realistic view and is extremely hot!! I loved reading it! It is a extremely entertaining hot read with a great plot. Realistic actions for a BDSM book! It does have a few tear-jerker moments. With the author explaining the different locations in such detail, your transported there and not over your head lost in space!!You will fall in love with the alien and the earth Human who is special!!I will be looking for more from this author!

  • Kylie the bookaholick
    2019-07-23 19:59

    I was not sure about this one going in. But immediately I realized yes this is going to be better than I expected. I have read other Alien stories and most in my mind were cheesy. This was one was far from it. It actually was sexy and packed an interesting plot line. I was pleasantly surprised and actually glad I read this so much that I am off the read the next book. I was actually rooting for Zander and Lamira. They are prefect for each other. They can teach so much to each other, acceptance, patience and love.