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Title : C# Game Programming Cookbook for Unity 3D by Jeff W. Murray (2014-06-24)
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C# Game Programming Cookbook for Unity 3D by Jeff W. Murray (2014-06-24) Reviews

  • Amazon-Kunde
    2019-08-16 20:02

    Das Buch lässt sich nicht auf Android mit der Kindle App lesen.Im Browser ebenfalls nicht, lediglich auf dem PC.Diese Tatsachen stellen den Sinn einer Kindle Version in Frage...Das im Buch zu entwickelnde Gameframework ist leicht verständlich und gibt Hunger auf mehr(Eigenentwicklung)!

  • Jeff Jones
    2019-08-06 19:13

    I was thinking this would be a typical cookbook where an experienced programmer could quickly get up to speed on a topic by reading through recipes, which has always been in my experience, a bunch of different short, discreet and concise code samples.Unfortunately, this book has samples that are wordy and tie together with each other. I felt like I already got this from Unity3D's free tutorials and was looking for more depth.I think it's hard for an author to hit the sweet spot with an audience like Unity though, since many of its users come from so many different backgrounds. However, Mr. Murray should probably remove "cookbook" from the title.Overall, not a bad book, but not as expected either.

  • george
    2019-07-31 02:21

    The content is good. I find the topics at the right speed for experienced developers needing to understand unity game development.My two star rating relates to the kindle version of the book. You need to pan and zoom to read the page. I much prefer standard kindle format where i can read with one hand.If you want to offer this format, it should be optional; there should be a kindle optimized version available as well.

  • iamjohndoe
    2019-07-22 19:57

    Since this book is new I wanted to get my review up since their are mixed reviews already. I have not finished the entire book, but I love this book. It feels like a well versed lecture in many ways in a class I would be very excited to attend. I ask my Java/C#/C++ teachers about ideas on how to implement ideas and I've never gotten straight answers, they avoid the subject in some ways because they've never developed the types of games and interactivity I'm making.I like it because it feels like an intermediate programming book. We jumped straight to classes, having a public class and making it have private members. Standards of programming but he also addresses global variables in some situations and other ways to pass data. It's very focused on having portable code so by saying that (I would have a lot of Professors jump down by back about globals or other ideas) the author makes design decisions, which I've also had to make on my own but it feels good to see how another programmer went through some of the same steps and he is much more experienced.This already has me understanding Inheritance in a more applicable way than I ever have before although I've worked with this topic many times.I'm excited to keep reading and I'm glad there is finally a book that doesn't go step by step C# Programming because I've been working with this language and programming for years now.I'm glad someone wrote a Cookbook for Unity and a book that really gets into game code design while forcing me to really see it in action.I'm using Unity's API along with this to cover the Unity specific basics. You can't get far in any language I feel as a student without applying the documentation they provide on how their API breaks down. Unity has a great guide too on this.So thankyou for writing a book that understands I'm not brand new to programming and a lot of detailed information in some basic concepts would not make this a Cookbook. He gives good explanations of some more advanced topics in programming (what I see as) that have been explained to me before but I finally get to see in action in ways that help me understand game programming even more.By game programming we all know that this is working with Unity so I obviously don't mean a book on how to build an engine.I hope this helps someone in their choice if they're on the fence. If I was new to programming I would definitely read other C# books first to really understand what is happening in this book. I don't think things would be clicking in my mind like they are if this is my first crack at the subject. C# 5.0 For Dummies was a good reference for me when I worked out of Visual C# 2012, and C# 5.0 in a Nutshell as a reference really helped me put into place some classes as I go forward.That being said I hope everyone buys this book so authors keep writing books like this one. He is pulling everything together.I will edit this once I finish the book or if something changes a lot.

  • Dorion Carr Jr.
    2019-07-21 20:56

    love this book. great for my classes

  • hwy2heaven
    2019-08-01 22:12

    Purchased this for my son, n he is extremely pleased, fast service