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Title : Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++ by by Mark A. Weiss (2013-12-23)
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Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++ by by Mark A. Weiss (2013-12-23) Reviews

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    2019-06-01 03:59

    I am currently taking advanced data and file structures and this book is somewhat helpful. I have not needed to refer to the book that much while taking the course. However, when I needed the book, Mark Allen Weiss does a great job in explaining the theory behind the topics. For example, Ch 4.4 discusses AVL Trees, which gives us a general discription of an AVL Tree. Then Dr. Wiess shows us pictorial examples of how the algorithm is used, and then a short sample code. If you are a beginner programmer without prior experience with classes, ADT, then I would recommend a more basic book. I like that this book doesn't give all the code because you learn more from the challenge of coding yourself. This book is using STL, which is a problem for me, because I haven't learned the standard yet.

  • Grmblbmpf
    2019-06-04 05:01

    Sicher, dies ist ein akademisch orientiertes Buch. Hier werden nicht abtippfertige Quelltexte präsentiert, damit Leute mit Grundkenntnissen sie unverstanden benutzen können. Hier wird die Theorie hinter effizienten, modernen Algorithmen ausgeleuchtet. Es ist kein Wunder, daß das etwas komplizierter ist, als man vielleicht wahrhaben möchte, denn hinter den hier vorgestellten Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen steckt eine Menge Grips!Wer sich nicht nur für immer dieselben Algorithmen interessiert, die in vielen anderen Büchern immer wieder aufgewärmt werden (AVL-Bäume, Quicksort usw.) findet (neben diesen) in diesem Buch auch Anspruchsvolleres wie disjunkte Mengen, diverse Sorten von Heaps (u.a. Leftist, Skew, Binomial, Fibonacci) und vieles andere, jeweils mit fundierter Effizienzbetrachtung. Mitdenken ist notwendig, wer sich darauf einläßt, kann eine Menge lernen. Einen Königsweg zum Verständnis fortgeschrittener Algorithmik gibt es jedoch nicht.

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    2019-06-06 07:05

    This is the textbook for my undergraduate data structures class. In my opinion this book is more suited to graduate level study, or for very experienced C programmers. The author assumes that you have a very solid grounding in C language structure and discrete math, his examples are often cryptic and incomplete leaving it up to the reader to figure out what is meant. In my opinion this book is not well suited for learning the fundamentals of data structures, and I'm still looking for one that is.

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    2019-06-03 02:55

    This book takes on quite an academic approach, yes. And it leaves some parts as "an excercice for the reader". But it's thorough, and explains everything well. It deals with a difficult subject; it's stupid to think there would be an "easier" way of teaching this - no pain no gain. If you do _want_ to learn about data structures and algorithm analysis, it's an excellent book

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    2019-06-03 00:44

    This book is the text for the Data Structures course at my university. If your looking for a practical book on algorithms and data structures that you can put to immediate use... THIS IS NOT your book! Half written algorithms and critical parts of a program "left as an exercise" make this book a pain to read. This is clearly anacademic book that is not suitable for self-study!

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    2019-05-26 02:55

    We had this book as a text for our computer science 200 level paper "Algorithms and Data Structures".The book is a real good one, as it explains the much complicated topic of abstract data types and structures very well giving excellent examples where necessary.But, the book is really for experienced programmers of c/c++ and does not help novice programmers at all.

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    2019-05-19 04:43

    It is clearly not a self-study material and one needs to refer to other books, for better understanding. On certain crucial topics, you are left in the dark, to solve the remainder of the problem as an exercise. It might be a great book in a class where the professor will provide you with the required examples and solutions, but I don't think one should take it up as a self-study book.

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    2019-05-20 07:48

    This is a good book for someone who already knows some data structures. The examples are excellent and efficiently exploit the power of C++. It covers all the subjects of data structures in a somewhat concise and elegant manner. A good book to quickly review your DS concepts if you have started forgetting them. Warning: You must have a thorough understanding of C++ to read this book.