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Your life can change in an instant MaddenI never thought a night out could change everything All I wanted was to dance, drink, maybe take a cute guy home for a night of fun I met the guy, but the night ended as a nightmare Screams, and blood, and tragedy haunt my dreams I m alive and I owe it all to the gorgeous marine who refused to leave me for dead But how can I start a new relationship when I m not even sure who I am any I ll always save you ThaneAfter a long work week all I wanted was to let my hair down and to meet a nice guy When I laid eyes on the gorgeous, tattooed man at the bar, I had to have him I never would have thought the night could end in such horror I saved his life, and I swear I ll save him as many times as I have to Even if it means saving him from himself This is the first book in the Heathens Ink series in which every book can be read as a stand alone CAUTION this book is recommended for readers 18 and does contain one scene of graphic violence that may disturb some readers And, in case it wasn t clear from the description, this is an M M romance, man parts will be touching....

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Rescue Me (Heathens Ink Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Ellynyn
    2019-06-09 01:58

    Zwei Männer, gute Stimmung, wummernde Musik, ein Flirt. Alles könnte wunderbar laufen, doch dann gerät alles außer Kontrolle und das Leben von Madden und Thane wird nicht mehr sein wie zuvor. Madden und Thane werden in einem Club Opfer eines Überfalls, bei dem viele Menschen sterben und verletzt werden. Auch Madden wird verletzt und Thane sein Retter. Als ehemaliger Marine und Feuerwehrmann hat Thane Nerven aus Stahl und er wird zum Helden.Madden hingegen ist kein Held. An seinen Verletzungen und am folgenden Schmerz zerbricht der Tattokünstler fast und droht in alte Verhaltensmuster zu verfallen. Seine Hand heilt nur langsam, der Schmerz ist kaum erträglich und die traumatischen Erlebnisse in der Nacht des Massakers lassen Madden einfach nicht los, rauben ihm den Verstand und Zuversicht.Der Auftakt zur Heathens Ink. Reihe von K.M. Neuhold ist ziemlich dramatisch geschrieben und konnte mich von Anfang an fesseln. Es gibt keine Längen und kein unnötiges Drama, außer dem das sich einfach aus der Geschichte heraus ergibt. Die Autorin macht dabei einen sehr guten Job und schickt ihren Helden Madden wirklich durch die Hölle, aber auch wieder zurück. Er ist eine ziemlich tragische Figur, die wirklich viel ertragen muss und es kostet dem Leser wirklich Herzblut ihn gegen die Versuchung ankämpfen zu sehen.Auf der anderen Seite gibt es Thane, der Fels in der Brandung. Thane ist cool, verlässlich, sexy und selbstbewusst. Ein ganzer Kerl und perfekt für Madden. Doch auch Thane wird es nicht leicht gemacht und er muss erkennen, dass Madden erst sich selbst finden muss, ehe sie tatsächlich zusammen eine Chance haben können.Toll geschrieben, sehr romantisch und sexy, aber auch nachdenklich und berührend. Das Buch war kaum aus der Hand zu legen und ich mochte die Helden sehr gern. Sie finden zwar sehr schnell zusammen und entwickeln Gefühle für einander, doch Neuhold lässt ihre Geschichte nicht zu kitschig werden und gibt Madden auch die Möglichkeit sich unabhängig von Thane wieder zu fangen und zurück ins Leben zu finden.Neben Thane und Madden gibt es noch einige andere sehr interessante Protagonisten und der nächste Teil wird eine Menage. Diese Leseprobe klingt ja schon sehr vielversprechend!

  • Amazon Kunde
    2019-06-17 06:55

    It's an easy read but the Story is kind of jumpy and sometimes lacks in terms of directions. Was entertaining though

  • Rebecca J. Cartee
    2019-06-13 06:47

    The editing issues are really a detraction from a great story and well-developed characters. An editor might have helped with the whole "I don't even know his last name issue" that came up at the hospital. Madden gave Thane his business card at the club. So he would have had that info when the nurse asked for Madden's last name. Thane sat in the hospital reading Madden's FB page and then had this internal monologue about not knowing Madden's last name... it would have been on the FB page. Inexplicable commas dropped where they don't belong and no commas where they should be; it became such a distraction and I hate that for the author. Because it's a great topical story. I loved it and am already starting book 2. But authors, please consider having your work edited. It makes a difference.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-06-17 01:40

    Love the story line and how it brought Madden and Thane together. The love between the two of them, through the trauma of the events that happened. Madden coming into himself and still realizing he could love himself no matter what had happened in the past. And Thane realizing by letting Madden go off on his own, it strengthened their relationship. Kudos to the author for an awesome story, can't wait for the next book in the series!

  • Kandi
    2019-06-18 09:03

    I really enjoyed the plot and characters. Author has me intrigued about secondary characters. My issue was with the flow, the writing was stilted, which made it difficult to completely become submersed in the story. I also felt a little rushed, characters would get over a hurdle, then it was 3 weeks later, another hurdle then it's 2 months later. There were also a few issues with editing, especially wrong words, like my instead of may. I feel it would be helpful once book is completed, before publishing have someone not involved with process to do a read with fresh eyes, this will catch these small errors.I have noticed there are several books in this series, I am interested in the other characters, and errors were small. With this being the first in this series, I am going to see if the issues I have will this book gets better with the next book.I read very quickly, several books a day, like a person watches a movie. I completely immerse myself in a story, usually reading cover to cover without stopping, the flow is important, so I am not being yanked out of the story over and over again. I do recommend this book, I feel a person who doesn't read the way I do may not have as much of an issue with the flow.

  • nrevvy
    2019-06-07 04:01

    Tattoo artist and tattooed men are yet another favorite in books I read. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much ink action in this one, which I enjoy reading about. Madden and Thane were interesting characters but the opening was pretty disturbing, given recent events. I liked the beginning and the end but there were many details that were just too far off. I’ve never heard of anyone going home 2-3 days after three gunshot wounds, one of which nicked a femoral artery. The abdominal wound would have been painful for most of the 6 weeks much less allow walking around with a crutch. And showering the day he got home? And if someone is an addict, you do not keep the Oxy sitting around the house!It improved towards the latter part of the story, although Madden recovered too quickly to be completely believable. The sex was fairly hot and I did find the relationship progression realistic, especially after Madden’s decision. Thane’s character was rather thin, being a firefighter and after a tour as a Marine, he would have probably been more aware of PTSD than he seemed to be. Madden’s aversion to therapy was supported by his past, so I didn’t mind that part. I will be reading more of this series, I think.

  • Amanda Barbee
    2019-06-01 05:55

    You know that feeling you get when you start an amazing book. That feeling, of never wanting it to end, Rescue Me is one of those books. The emotional roller coaster that you follow Thane and Madden on is enough to test the strongest of relationships. You can't help but root for them no matter what! This is an emotional tale of love that grips you by the heartstrings and drags you through the mud just before cleaning you up and giving you exactly what you needMadden, oh my sweet sweet Madden. This man may be gay but gosh darn it I am claiming him now!! He is so sweet and you can not help but want to put him in bubble wrap and keep him safe in your pocket.Thane, amazingly hot firefighter, Thane. Rescue me Thane, save me Thane, the heat in their relationship is more than I think even a firefighter can handle.When I first started Rescue Me I really wasn't sure just how K.M was going to top her last release, but like always I was pleasantly surprised.This is an amazing start to what promises to be an incredible series!!! I can not wait for more