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Cresciuta in compagnia di uno scoiattolo, una marmotta e un topo di nome Jacobi, Woolf dedic il suo primo saggio alla morte del cane di famiglia Non bisogna stupirsi quindi se decise di scrivere la biografia di un cocker spaniel Infatti, mentre stava leggendo le lettere da di Elizabeth Barrett e Robert Browning, rimase estremamente colpita dalla figura del loro cane mi faceva ridere cos tanto che non ho potuto resistere dal creargli una vita Flush fu il compagno fedele della Barrett mentre era confinata nel suo letto di malattia a Londra, e al suo cocker venne dedicata anche una poesia Dal racconto di quella piccola vita, che Barrett era convinta possedesse unintelligenza eccezionale e avesse grandi attitudini per la letteratura, nasce questa deliziosa biografia....

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Flush: Una Biografia Reviews

  • None
    2019-07-27 22:58

    I found "Flush" a sentimental story of a moment in the life of Elizabeth Barret. Her romance with Robert Browning and some insight into her father's lack of understanding of his daughter's hunger. THIS BOOK REMINDED ME OF "White Fang" by Jack London which should be reread. Good insight into the Marlybonne area of London and the presence of deprived and poverty in London just in back of the elegance of Wimpole Street. I will try to get all my dog loving friends to read this book especially those with Cocker Spaniels. Flush's life is a metaphore for all those natural emotions of human beings and we do not know of the emotional hunger of animals. We have a very real imaginative feeling for the humanity of dogs who give so much love unselfishly to their masters who do not have to offer much. Flush gave up much to be a lap dog for Elizabeth. His waiting for the postman to ring the bell with the letter from Browing was a beautiful descriptive side to the book.

  • None
    2019-07-20 20:02

    I bought and read Flush with some scepticism. While I can't praise Virginia Woolf enough, I tend to shy away from animal stories. Flush, however, is the exception to the rule. My scepticism soon dissipated and I was thrown into a world more human than most written worlds. Flush is among the most sympathetic and beautiful character sketches I have ever come across. This is a very different book for Woolf and I couldn't be more glad that she took the chance to write something that seems so trivial. There is feeling of release in the way it is written, but it is not flippant. Rather, it makes the character of Flush that much more accessible to the reader.

  • G. Christie
    2019-07-24 01:15

    Upfront I have to confess we share our lives with two English Cocker Spaniels, and this in turn gives some insight into the minds of these dogs. Flush is very much the happy cocker spaniel and Virginia Woolf captures his character superbly. Virginia's portrayal of Flush shows a significant understanding of these dear animals (she did have one herself). This biography of Flush is very much an insight into the Cocker's mind. The primeval alusion to "span" is intriguing, if possibly mythical, but it gives a great depth of history to our cockers. This book is light hearted and avoids the heavy cloud of despair usually portrayed in the Barretts of Wimpole Street, although that is the setting of the first part of the book. Flush's last moment did bring a tear to my eye, but he was a lucky and well cared for dog. Although I purchased the paperback here at Amazon, I managed to find a first edition at a second hand book shop and I bought this without hesitation.

  • Gina (
    2019-07-22 22:01

    I LOVED this book. It was recommended to me by my best friend after she read it, and, believe me, it was worth it.I had a lot of trouble finding the book, but that was OK. It was a fantastic storey, and I really thought that some of the paragraphs were beautifully written. I also have a red cocker spaniel, just like the one on the cover of the Penguins Classics series cover, and I found myself looking at my dog to see if the descriptions and facts given were right. They were. What was the most remarkable thing was that this book was written based on a poem of Flush. ~Gina~

    2019-08-15 23:55

    The book "Flush" by Virginia Woolf was cleverly written from the perspective of a dog and was somewhat engaging. Woolf managed to really capture the personality of "Flush," Elizabeth Barrett's human-like cocker spaniel, from the moment of his birth to his long-expected death. Although this book will probably not dive deeply into your emotional core, it is an entertaining bit for those long, carefree summer hours when your brow is tired from being furrowed in confusion.