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It starts with an itch you just can t shake.Then comes a fever and a tickle in your throat.A few days later, you ll be blabbing your secrets and chatting with strangers like they re old friends.Three , and the paranoid hallucinations kick in.And then you re dead.When sixteen year old Kaelyn lets her best friend leave for school without saying goodbye, she never dreams that she might not see him again Then a strange virus begins to sweep through her small island community, infecting young and old alike As the dead pile up, the government quarantines the island no one can leave, and no one can come back.Cut off from the world, the remaining islanders must fend for themselves Supplies are dwindling, fatalities rising, and panic is turning into violence With no cure in sight, Kaelyn knows their only hope of survival is to band together Desperate to save her home, she joins forces with a former rival and opens her heart to a boy she once feared.But as the virus robs her of friends and family, Kaelyn realizes her efforts may be in vain How can she fight an enemy that s too small to see Warning This book may have you panicking over every itch and cowering when you hear someone cough If you re ready for a thrilling, heartbreaking post apocalyptic survival story, scroll up to grab it now...

Title : The Way We Fall (The Fallen World Book 1) (English Edition)
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The Way We Fall (The Fallen World Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Johanna
    2019-04-09 04:02

    I really enjoyed this YA novel which is thematically similar to movies like “Contagion”.Crewe draws an eerie picture of our world falling apart due to a dangerous virus. When no one cares about a town anymore, when the people around you die one after the other, what does still count in your life? How do people react? Who are the ones freaking out and who will finally be surpass themselves? Facing imminent danger, Kaelyn can discover the true nature of the people she knew and of those that she would have never got to known otherwise.I especially like the style of this novel. Kaelyn writes it to her best friend Leo who is not an active character in the book at all. Crewe is very consequent with this diary style. There are aprupt stops where something happens all of the sudden and the writing stops mid-sentence. Thus, it has been executed quite authentically. Her language is rather distant, calm, a bit detached and not overly dramatic since the plot is dramatic enough what with all the people dying and the extremely sad moments in between that were numerous in this book.My favorite character was definitely Gavin. I love protagonists that aren't all flat but rather complex where what you see isn't all that you get. I already expected him to be quite different to Kaelyn's first impression. But it was still exciting to read about him becoming such a gorgeous guy. Yet, Kaelyn couldn't really make an impression on me. She is a really shy girl and it's hard for her to get to know new people, start talking to them or even make friends. I should definitely be able to relate to such a person as I am quite the same, or so I thought. Because I couldn't really feel her. Her brother was sort of interesting but he wasn't such a big part of the story. I hope he will be though in the next novel. And then there is Tess, Leo's girlfriend. She is really weird, keeping her distance and kind of cold towards everyone. I can't say that I've got her completely figured out.I would love to read more about all of them and I can't wait to get my hands on "The Lives We Lost". Here, the focus will turn away from the island and to the rest of the world which is also affected by the virus. I'm curious what Kaelyn and her friends can achieve here, and also how her relationship to Leo turns out to be. Hopefully, the author can pull off another trick with the writing perspective because obivously the diary entries to Leo don't work anymore. But it just made the book special.Because, in my eyes, this is lacking in the plot or the characters. The special something, the X-Factor that makes a perfect book out of a good one.Thus, this is a really good book, not more but definitely not less. I can recommend it to all fans of YA contemporary suspense.

  • Kanyonmk
    2019-04-16 03:13

    I really enjoyed this book. It is written in journal type format from our main characters point of view to an old friend of hers. Kaelyn lives on an island that is suddenly hit by a nasty virus that is killing people left and right. Kaelyn is trying to cope and help those around her in any way she can, but her world is crashing down around her when the island become quarantined. This is a tale of heartbreak and survival under very harsh conditions. Kaelyn is only sixteen, but you can see her growth throughout the novel. If you like post-apocalyptic tales then I whole-heartily recommend this young adult read. I found Kaelyn likable and relatable and the entire world building was spot on. I like when I can effortlessly imagine the world I’m reading and enjoy a good story.The Way We Fall is the first book in a four book series, The Fallen World.Final Rating: 5 Stars

  • Ann Shannon
    2019-04-25 08:09

    I enjoyed this book. I've found that YA dystopian is a favorite genre of mine. Written in a journal style as Kaelyn records events to share with her friend Leo when he returns she watches the town and her word fall apart around her as a deadly virus sweeps through town. We share the pain of loss and growth with her as she adjusts to the new normal.Great book for a long rainy weekend, though I must admit I read it just before a weekend vacation and every time I heard someone cough I did a double take.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-03-30 08:07

    I wasn't expecting The Way We Fall to be written in letter format, but surprisingly it didn't bother me. I usually am not one for prose, email or anything but narrative, but Kaelyn's voice and way of writing drew me right in, and I almost forgot she was writing to her friend. Megan Crewe created a chilling situation with the virus. It is contagious, it has no known cure and it can kill, all this on an island. I didn't know how this could be fixed or how the main character and others would manage to survive and escape being infected, but I knew that I wanted them to figure it out and was on edge right with them through the scary stages of the illness and watching those they loved and cared about get sick. I pulled for Kaelyn and really connected with her. The love she had for her family, and ultimate respect for her dad and trust that he could come up with an answer. The relationship with her brother and the protective instincts for her little cousin Meredith. As well as the unlikely friendship and connections that she makes while trying to help those on her island and those who are sick. I appreciated her wisdom in figuring out the things that are worth fighting for, and makes life worth living. I liked the story, but there wasn't much of a conclusion. I wanted a few more answers, and I wanted to know more.Bottom Line: A chilling, action packed scenario with a main character I cared for.

  • OpheliasOwn
    2019-03-28 05:21

    Living on an island seems idyllic, right? Well, if a deadly virus broke out on your island, you might not think your isolation was so beneficial, especially when the government quarantined everyone on the island and killed anyone trying to leave. In Megan Crewe's first book of the The Fallen World trilogy, The Way We Fall, we get a view of island life that will make you cringe (or itch if you have fallen ill!).Kaelyn misses Leo, but being back on the island where her mother grew up and not in the big city is enough of a transition to keep her mind occupied. Still, she writes Leo letters in a journal to say all the things she wished she had said in person. She tries to transition, but the kids in school aren't as willing to accept her as they used to be. When one of her friends' father gets sick, she is creeped out by the strangely and brutally honest things he says to her. When he devolves into illness and dies, it begins cycle the island is bound to succumb to.Soon everyone is getting sick. The illness is contagious, so simply speaking with someone is sick could doom you to the cycle. With so many dying on the island, the government decides to cut the island off to protect the rest of the mainland, but doing so cuts the island off from necessary supplies. The government drops a few supply shipments, but when things start to get tight, looting and hoarding become a problem. When Kaelyn sees Gav, a classmate, taking food from stores, she assumes he is hoarding, but in reality he is trying to make sure everyone out there gets fed in the wake of the crisis. Even though the world is coming to an end, there are still some people out there trying to do right by others, but how can you keep looking to the future when almost everyone you know has lost their future to an unbeatable illness?I have now officially read three quarantine stories in the past two months. Didn't really intend to go on a quarantine binge, but I did. Out of the three, I would say this was my second favorite, just behind Lex Thomas' Quarantine (original title, I know). I think this story was more realistic in terms of the actual illness, but somethings seemed off about the state of civilization on the island. No one really fights back. Mostly people hunker down. And the looting takes a while (like weeks and weeks) to finally ravage the island. I found that a little unbelievable, but it made for a better story in terms of humanity. I didn't find myself constantly thinking I would rather be a banana slug than a human being.My biggest issue with this story was its premise- not the quarantine or the illness, or even the island, but the totally unnecessary "journal conversation" with Leo. Leo is never on the island, isn't even fully explained, but the whole bloody book, is about him? This book would have been much more powerful without that angle. I didn't even mind the first person narrative, which isn't usually my style, but I hated the idea of Kae pouring her heart out to a boy who has nothing to do with any of the story I was reading. In fact, I don't even know the full Leo story now that I have finished the book! OK, end rant. Sorry.But still, I really did like this story and have every intention of reading the next book in the trilogy. I am looking forward to more of Gav, because he is just the type of young man you all hope your sons will grow up into. He thinks about others before himself and risks everything to help people he barely knows. I love Gav! This is a mild mini-apocalypse type story that would be appropriate for a mixture of ages and reading levels as it is relatively tame on all fronts. And hopefully Crewe will explain a little about Leo in the next book, or ditch him altogether!

  • Fred  Fuhrer
    2019-04-04 23:55

    A different viral attack story by a mutated virus. Deaths caused by what is called the "friendly virus" that starts on a small island, then spreads worldwide. Megan wrote a good one, gets five stars, and opens the possibility to what could be a real event someday soon. The Earth supports too many people now, so this type of story could show how the trigger to a Darwinian event that could de - populate the Earth.