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There s a saying on Earth Fake it till you make it Sadly, I m no longer on Earth My motto is Fake it till you get caught.I m trying to settle into being the Oath Forger, trying to resist the advances of the five most powerful kings in the galaxy it s going about as well as you d think , expecting my lies to catch up with me at any second.Except, the freaking space pirates catch up with me first....

Title : Oath Forger (Book 2): A Reverse Harem Sci-fi Romance (English Edition)
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Publisher : Nia Mars 6 M rz 2018
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Oath Forger (Book 2): A Reverse Harem Sci-fi Romance (English Edition) Reviews

  • I.s.a
    2019-07-19 02:59

    I really liked part two, how she grows in the books and how the Krek’s find out more and more about her. Ava is strong girl and isn’t used to man protection her or even man who wants to lay in her bed with her and adore her so much. She doesn’t understand what being the Oath Forger means and keeps freaking out when the Five tell her what it means to be the Oath Forger, like having their baby’s and make peace throughout the universe.Then she gathers herself, thinks about it, does something irrational and finds a way to deal with it. She is strong and I like that, know what she wants and speaks up. I really enjoyed book two and wished book three was out already, the cliff-hanger is so good and I can’t wait.It is well written and a good book for short trips and certainly on my, to read again list!Read the full review on Underthebookmark com

  • AvidReader
    2019-07-30 23:55

    I wish I didn’t have to wait for the 3rd installment! I REALLY enjoyed the second book. My only complaint, and it’s a big one, that they all had lovers. I think a truly successful RH has to focus (fair or not) entirely on the heroine, in this case, Ava. It’s pretty underhanded that 4 of the 5 Kreks have lovers, and I really dislike Tiam telling her it was over when he first laid eyes on her when it is CLEAR from the kiss she witnessed that he was still carrying on with the captain. Basically I enjoyed Ava in this installment, I’m rooting for her as the oath forger, but am saddened (especially since i was getting to like the Kreks) how annoyed and upset they made me in this second installment. I honestly felt she had a true connection with Koah and I was getting fond of I don’t trust them and basically I think they’re kind of jerks for using their lovers for release but “stringing” Ava along.

  • Jordan Roeder
    2019-07-24 19:09

    Just when I thought it couldn't get any better... I read book 2!I'm seriously falling in love with this series.In this book we learn more about the guys and meet our fifth king who is kind of an ass but definitely seems like the kind that I'll end up loving in the end. He's definitely gonna make things interesting ;)Plus I love the way this book ended! Don't wanna spoil anything but lets just say it set up some great plot for book 3 :)Also in this book we got to meet a sister to one of the guys who seems great! I hope she continues to play a role in the upcoming books.This book also addressed the concept of the guys having previous/other lovers/relationships. They make it clear that any previous relationships they may have had ended once they found out about Ava. While she is worried they aren't really developing feelings for her, just thinking they are because they believe she is the oath forger, Ava is still beginning to fall for them. She also worries about the "real" oath forger arriving and what will happen then. While I firmly believe that she is definitely the actual oath forger, we don't know for sure yet.... but I'm sure we'll find out very soon!

  • Chris Shattuck-Weill
    2019-07-22 21:54

    This book is all ups and downs. It's kinda hard to breathe at times. Ava is left with a conundrum, she's not the Oath Forger and wants/needs to get back to Earth and her sister but with the pirates stealing humans to sell as slaves they won't be safe. So as long as she is the Oath Forger and the wars between the five kingdoms are ended they can turn their battle strategies against the pirates and make Earth safe once and for all. So she keeps getting pulled in both directions and starting to fall for for the kings in the mean time. Then the fifth king finally shows up and hfs he is as she ended up thinking of him as, uber Alpha. I swear he would melt any woman's panties just by being in the same room! Unfortunately we leave our intrepid heroine waiting for the federation who is coming to her palace to prove whether or not she is the Oath Forger. Oh, and of course the other little zinger at the end of the story. But you are just going to have to get your own book and read this series and get your own mind blown! Enjoy. 💜💚💛💙

  • Lydia
    2019-08-05 02:08

    Short version: If you like science fiction and romance, go buy the book. The writing is good, even if the story is a bit rushed and simplistic (but that is normal for the romance genre). This is no deep, complicated, epic tome, just a short, well-written romance adventure.I'll give it to you Nia, it's as if you read my review of Part 1 and took my advice...haha! Except, of course, you finished writing the whole thing long before. But I am glad to see that my fears of mediocracy for Part 2 did not survive the light of day.Recap: After reading Part 1 and NOT realizing when I started that it was a novella and only part 1 of a 3 part story (which is DIFFERENT than a trilogy of books) I was pretty mad. I still think Nia should put a disclaimer in the blurb of Part 1, but hey, its her book. Perhaps regular romance readers (which I am not) are used to such breaking up of stories. Anyway, besides that surprise, I was also displeased by several plot holes and by the very flat and one-dimensional characters of the Kreks in Part 1.In General: Nia's writing, which was great in Part 1, is just as good here. I had several laugh out loud moments, and she wrote each of the characters with skill and authenticity.The Kreks: They were not quite as fleshed out as I would have liked. We still hardly know anything about them, their demons and struggles, their hopes and dreams, the things that make them PEOPLE instead of sexual objects. But, we got about as much as Nia could fit in such a short space. I definitely liked that each one was very distinct, with different personalities, strengths, and character. I'm really hoping that in Part 3 she takes more time to flesh them out and give them each some struggles. They should NOT all just get along perfectly well and fall into a happily ever after perfect relationship. That is SO unrealistic and SO boring. We shall see.Plot Holes: The thing that I was most annoyed about in Part 1 was not so annoying in Part 2, and Nia showed how Ava struggled through it, though I do feel like she's a bit more dense on that topic than with most other things. I also felt she lost her edge living at the Palace, but then trying to imagine myself in her place, I guess it isn't that unrealistic. Things still seem to happen with too much ease and convenience, but again, that's something I expect for a short, feel-good romance.SPOILERS AHEAD Proceed with cautionI LOVED Roax. I loved that he wasn't down with the ridiculous circus that the whole Oath Forger thing is, and that he doesn't submit to Ava like a loyal, adoring dog. I like that he brings out strength in her, and I really hope she never lets him break or dominate her (hopefully they come to respect each other, but she had better not let him just do as he pleases). He has the absolute best line in the book, in response to the "compelling" desire of the oath forger bond he says "I, for one, am going to fight it...on principle." I actually cheered out loud for him. Go Roax! (he had better get more screen time in Part 3 or I will be severely disappointed. I might even start a protest.)Overall, I decided to give this one 4 stars since it was a solid, entertaining story, and I wasn't totally pissed off by it being just a cut out section with no resolution (since I was expecting it this time). I was tempted to give it 5 stars, since I did really enjoy it. But there were places I felt things could have been better described and more quality detail could have been given that were just glossed over. The world building is very light, and I feel like Nia could have taken it up a notch without making it much longer, and it would have added a lot more depth and quality to the story. That said, the worldbuilding which is there is well-done and I was easily able to imagine the world and situations in a way that made the story come to life in my mind.I still hated the cliffhanger and wanted to strangle Nia. I am not a cliffhanger kind of gal. Keep writing girl, you're good at it. You had better give Roax his due, he is too good of a villain/anti-hero not to get some serious screen time. Also, poor Uthan deserves his due (I liked his maturity a lot, it was refreshing that he wasn't controlled by his dick like the others were).

  • Customer
    2019-08-15 21:59

    I love when a book flows,because I can sit and read until I’ve completed the book.This author has that talent that makes you buy anything she writes. Its a awesome story. I love it.It’s a keeper, when u read it over and over again.