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One of the most sophisticated fictional responses to the war on terror yet published GuardianAn illegal Muslim immigrant arrives in Hamburg with a traumatic past and the key to a fortune held in a private bank He says his name is Issa To the idealistic young human rights lawyer Annabel, determined to save him from deportation, he is a worthy cause To the intelligence services of Britain, Germany and America, however, he is a potential jihadist and a pawn between them as they seek to make a kill in the war on terror A Most Wanted Man is a gripping and disquieting story of paranoia, disillusionment and betrayal in the moral no man s land of the post 9 11 world A first class novel about the most pressing concerns of our time Daily Telegraph...

Title : A Most Wanted Man (Penguin Modern Classics)
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Publisher : Penguin 27 September 2018
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A Most Wanted Man (Penguin Modern Classics) Reviews

  • Uli 1962
    2019-03-29 04:00

    sorry to say Good By Mr Cornwell (thats Carres real name) but the Mission Song was crap and this last novel is so boring that I tried to read it page by page over the last 4 weeks and now I have stopped it, it is just to boring....That is the end to long relation to an author I loved all his spy stories but since the end of the cold war Mr Carre lost his topic and with that he lost his style.So if you expect something thrilling with suspense do not read it, if you like boring insights into modern day Germany sprinkled with old fashioned Brits you try this.

  • ValMoore
    2019-03-31 05:03

    This newest book by John Le Carre has all the features which makes him the great author of the shadow world of international espionage: A very topical theme - fear of islamic terrorism in the host city of some of the 9/11 terrorists - , gentlemen and not so very gentle men in the late afternoon of their professional and personal lives, an amour fou linking a young woman to a refugee and suspected terrorist and linking a declining banker, the gentleman, to the young woman who is a well meaning lawyer to aid the suspected terrorist. All of this happens at a good pace in the very well described ambiance of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg with its respected merchant and banking community and its lovely maritime atmosphere underneath of which there lurks fear and loathing and fierce competition among several secret services. The book was inspired by the story of Murat Kurnaz, a Hamburgian who had been kept in Guantanamo for several years. I like the ambiguity of the book very much and, of course, there is no happy end which is only to be expected because this is the real world as seen through John Le Carre s tired but observant eyes.

  • Maurizio ROCCI
    2019-04-21 06:50

    Das Buch ist sehr gut gemacht, wenn man bedenkt, dass es sich um Fiction handelt. Die Sprache ist, wenigstens für mich, brillant und sehr akkurat ausgewählt!

  • Dr.Stephan Teichmann.
    2019-04-12 04:17

    Published already some years ago in 2008, this novel unfolds in Hamburg sometime after the 9/11. Issa, a young Chechen male escapes Turkish prison and arrives illegally in Hamburg, via Sweden and Copenhagen. He announces that he wants to stay in Germany, study medicine and support peace, all with the help of God. He also wants to donate money his Russian father – a high-ranking military figure - has amassed in a secret account with a Hamburg bank. Being a spy novel, it naturally doesn’t take long till the German Federal authorities but also other “friendly” spy services show their interest in his story and the possibilities that come with it. Written and published well before the Snowden affair, Le Carre paints a lively picture how secret service members work today, how they promote their personal and their countries interests and how they don’t care about justice, except one party, which sets up its own legal system an names it American Justice. A semi-thrilling “late work” of the spy master worth three stars.

  • V7+9
    2019-03-27 01:54

    I enjoyed reading this book very much. In a fashion typical of LeCarre, interesting and multidimensional characters are placed insituations that become increasingly complex, thus facing choiceswhich drive the plot forward. It's not my all-time favorite LeCarre novel. For example, I enjoyed "The ConstantGardener", "Absolute Friends" and "The Mission Song" even more,but it's very engaging.

  • kein_benutzername
    2019-04-06 10:13

    Quite early in the book, you get the feeling it wouldn't hurt if the author accelerated the pace of the story somewhat. To be honest, wading through all the trails Mr Carree weaves into this story can be a bit of a drudge, especially as nothing much happens.Then towards the end, it seems he wanted to finish the story quickly (needed to get to work on another project?) and suddenly, in one grand, if unfullfilling, finale, the book comes to a crashing stop and finishes.

  • H. Schmidt
    2019-04-14 06:52

    I realy love Le CarreŽs books (usually). This one is a complete miss.Characters are flat, their motivation as thick as a sheet of paper, the story is not at all surprising. I cannot understand all the good voices cited from the critics, this book doesnŽt live up to a single one of them.To name some of the clichés:- We have a woman, molested by a catholic priest- good muslim people who just want to help- bad CIA/NSA- Germany, where even "the houses seem to bear the guilt of Nazi times"....- frustrated, bad mooded cop, but warm at heart- lots of Strong german Names, here and there a "Fräulein". Oddly no Baron von Richthoven apears....and lots more.I have read it on a boring flight but it was even there hard to finish since the hole storyline is so obvious. No surprises, no turns, straight and boring.

  • KGBeast
    2019-04-01 10:12

    Again, Germany is the scene at which Mr. Le Carré places a story - especially Hamburg. The story is quite intricate - but the characters don't really come out of the pages, which is, why I wouldn't count this novel among Mr. Le Carré's better efforts.the showing of the workings of the "secret" parallel-world on the life of ordinary people - especially post-9/11 and especially in Hamburg, with its own connections to this day is informative and interesting, as much as the dilemmata ot the actors in this novel, but the characters don't really work for me, which is, why I can't give full points here.