Real Estate Regulatory Authority And Impact on Pricing

July 31, 2017

Real Estate

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Now, the real question is what effect will this Act have on the pricing particularly in the residential sector in various areas like Residential flats in Gurgaon. Well, that cannot be answered by a plane Yes or No. The thing is that this law will affect different inventories differently. As far as the new launches are concerned, the prices are expected to rise while the already built property will be at a pause in its pricing till the supply gets over. For example- The already built flats in Gurgaon might or might not have any addition in its value.

Commenting on the same, Managing Director of Puravankarasays, Ashish R Puravankara said that the new launches of property say, flats in Gurgaon or any other residential area will initially increase but will ultimately shrink resulting in an extremely different scenario compared to the current demand-supply equation, affecting the immediate property pricing all through the industry.

The under-construction land in the real estate industry account for majority supply. These include unsold properties also. The construction will be over only after one year. These unfinished sites now need to be registered under RERA and stick to its rules and regulations.

One of the many rules of RERA includes selling of the property on the basis of ‘super area’ and not on ‘super built up area (as the case was previously). RERA initiates the selling of the land on the basis of carpet area (it excludes areas of walls or ducts etc) and is 30-15% less in amount as compared to the ‘super build up area’. This will result in 40%-50% rise of per square feet cost of the land. But this increment will hardly affect the overall pricing of the land resulting in affordable housing in Gurgaon or Delhi or Mumbai, you name it.

The new rules of RERA have helped bring in transparency, thorough management of rules, and timely delivery of projects. RERA has specifically been introduced from the viewpoint to minimize risk over the buyers. The buyers will have to pay the consequential premium that will help in transfer of risk from buyers to developers and now they will have to bear the default cost (if any).

The builders are already facing problems with raising funds for the under-construction sites, now registering that property under RERA will be an all new burden for them, but all of it is initiated by the government to make sure that the buyer faces absolutely no problems with the bought property.

The Guidelines of RERA also makes it relatively easier for an increase in prices as the demand will increase with respect to the supply. Followings guidelines has to followed which make RERA Impactful and fulfilling:

First, the developers now have to get the uncompleted and new projects registered with the regulatory authorities within three months from the implementation date of RERA. Secondly, they have to deposit 70 per cent of the funds collected from buyers in a separate bank account for construction of the project. This will ensure withdrawal of amount only for construction purposes and completion of projects on time. In case of a delay, now the onus of increased price and the monthly interest to be paid to the banks will fall on the developers not on the consumers as previously was the scenario. The law also prescribes penalties on developers who delay projects. Developers are also required to disclose their project details on the regulator’s website, and to provide quarterly updates on construction progress. Thirdly, the act states that any defects of structure or workmanship within five years from possession date will be taken care by the promoter without any extra charges. In case the promoter fails to do so, the aggrieved consumer is entitled to compensation from the promoter.

To make the act appalling, an imprisonment of up to three years for the developer and up to one year for agents and buyers is directed in case of violations of the orders.

As per the data, almost ten lakh buyers every year invest their money in the real estate industry with the dream of owning a house and implementation of this act is a paradigm change to stabilize and to push substantial growth of the real estate industry.

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Hire Professional Real Estate Agent to Get Outstanding Homes

July 31, 2017

Real Estate

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Many years ago, a look for residence would have started in any workplace of the regional residence broker or by just driving around town. At the broker’s workplace, you would invest time through web pages of effective residence listings from a nearby several listing services. After choosing effective interest, you would invest many weeks traveling each residence until you found the right one. Finding industry details to allow you to evaluate the asking price would take more time a and more driving, and you still might not be able to find all of the details you needed to get really comfortable with a reasonable market value.

Today, most residence queries start on the Internet. A quick keyword look for on Google by location will likely get you countless numbers of results. If you spot a real estate website, you can generally view images online and maybe even take an online trip. You can then examine other Web sites, such as a nearby nation assessor, to get an idea of the home’s value, see what the current owner paid for the residence, look into the residence taxation, get demographics details, school details, and even examine out what stores are within strolling distance-all without making your house.

In case of a house, a property broker may start off by placing the facts of the residence on his personal or company website based upon on whether he is a part of a agent company or makes his own. The following phase would be to market the residence through post cards and ads in property publications off-line as well as online. Besides promotion the residence, the broker who information your house is also accountable for following up with other providers who might have customers that may have indicated attention in the residence. A representative is also expected to help you settle the best bargain possible. He or she is with you each phase of the way until the house is sold; suggesting you on all issues such as obtaining the assistance of a attorney.

The broker does not cost the client/home supplier for his promotion efforts; however, you will have to have any lawful cost engaged in the promoting process. Among all, if you are also looking to hire the experienced and genuine real estate agent, then you can get in touch with the well-known firm that will help you to get effective homes or flat at affordable rates.

Their professional residential real estate agent has many years of working experience and they are known for providing quality and excellent deals for you. You can rely on their services as they are the best in the industry. To know more about them you can exp0lore to their web page.

Condos For Sale Laval – Safety And Affordability Assures

July 31, 2017

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Laval is one of the highly stimulating and energetic cities of Canada. Assuring for amazing food, culture, night life and entertainment, it is a perfect place to spend few month or even years. Growing with activities and thrill, Laval these days is garnering immense interest as a real estate investment end as well.

No matter, you are looking for commercial real estate or Condos for sale Laval, the investment in real estate here appears quite positive in the long way. Moreover, it makes sure for good return on your capital, buying a condo also calls upon different advantages as an investment choice:


New structure condos for sale or already condos for sale in the area; both turn into a reasonable investment choice as compared to an individual dwelling unit. It is surely budget friendly option for the buyers.

Less Maintenance Requires

As you are opting for a multi dwelling unit the maintenance expenditures are shared by the all the units therefore forth decreases the cost of expenses. Each Condo in the area has a link taking care of the safeguarding work, sparing you from the jobs such as fixing the roof or even keeping the lawn. Every common area is taken care of by the whole society and you as well as tenants have to worry just related to the interiors.

Choice of Rental

The option would fetch you a decent rental value, adding up to the value gain of your funds.


As you are living in a multi dwelling unit is comparatively safer as compared to a standalone option. Nearness to your neighbors is surely a benefit if you travel a lot or live individually. The common areas and even shared walls though lessening your privacy, serves to protect your interests against different crimes.

Social Circle

A standalone home surely gives you immense privacy, but also limits your social joys as well as interactions. Here, you are going to share places such as swimming pool, laundry area and garden among others. You will find adequate opportunity to get familiar about the neighbors well. You can enjoy the happiness of social circle yet your privacy is sacred inside the wall of your home.

No matter, you wish to invest in real estate or simply planning to reside in it, buying a Condo a vendre Laval is a great idea. Not just it makes for an attractive appreciation of your capital but also shows you to the happiness of a city at par with the worldwide standards.